the start of 27,5″ hardtail

Started the build of my new bike yesterday. But waiting for headset from Netherlands and steerer tube from R2-bike still so didn’t come so far. Frame, Grammo Pako 17″:


+12 derailleur hanger. Bottombraket, 22g heavier than a BB30, reason to dislike PF30 ;)


But for 30mm so found a nice crankset laying around in a box :D


Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL with Carbon-Ti chainring and a bit to long spindle.

Storck Rebel Seven Platinum by Emanuel Schicher

The guy with superlight bikes has built a new one. A Storck Rebel Seven 27,5″ with Sram XX1 and Storcks superlight crankset (made by THM Carbones)

Schmolke bar and seatpost. Tune saddle, stem and QR. Magura MT8 brakes.

Rock Shox SID World Cup fork and the supercool Bike Ahead Composites wheelset, clincher with Schwalbe Rocket Ron.

Total weight is: 7,8kg

More info and pictures on his blog: Emanuel Schicher

back on the bike

Didn’t feel so good last week and this easter weekend I’ve got my mum and sister her visiting so no biking. But glued my sparewheel yesterday and today afternoon it was time to try riding my roadbike again. Even got clothes that said Madone to make it easier:


Super weather to so first ride in without arm- and legwarmers and first roadride with my white Sidishoes :) Nicely matched with a pair of high white Kalas socks :)

Rode up north towards Åsgårdstrand and looked at the sea:


But not so easy as it looks, feels like I’ve never can ride easy alone. With my old Giro Ionos helmet after my Mavic helmet cracked:


In Åsgårdstrand there is a a ”climb” that starts with 10% but flattens out and the hole 1,7km climb is just 4% but hard enough for me and as I ridden there before I had to push a bit more to get new personal record. And I did, with 184 in average heart rate ;) Still a lot to do get to the top but nice climb to test the legs in. Rode a bit further into the countryside and found a nice long flat (a bit down maybe) section and felt good riding over 40km/h alone with bad legs :) Easier after I’ve passed the high way again and down to Sem. From Sem back to Tønsberg there is a around 3,5km total flat and straight road. Have to cross a road and make some small turns in the middle and over a bridge but like 15 altitude meters total. Tried to press hard and get some pace on that road instead of just whining about the wind and see how boring the road is.

Tired back to Tønsberg but felt nice to ride in the sun and be back on the bike. Made some small saddle adjustments in the beginning to and have to move the cleat on my left shoe a bit. Seat position is hard but feels really important

Map and stats: Movescount