World Cup XCE Meribel

World Cup weekend again and with a much funnier XCE course than in Windham. But not as good result. Jenny Rissveds had some chainproblem in the final so ended 4th.

dam elit

1. Linda Indergand

2. Kathrin Stirnemann

3. Ingrid Bøe Jacobsen

4. Jenny Rissveds

And in Men elite there was 2 fast Swedes that missed the final:

men elit


DH tomorrow and then XCO on sunday.


Trek Boost 148 vs. Cannondale Ai Drivetrain

There was a time where you had a 135mm wide rear hub with a QR to mount it, wheels where using 19mm with 26″ rim brake rims. Every bike had the same.

  • Then disc brakes came that could have other shapes on the rims
  • Then 29er wheels came and it got a lot bigger
  • Then 12×142 hubs came to stiffen things up
  • Then 27,5″ wheels came and didn’t change a thing.

Wheels getting bigger, tires getting wider, people ride more aggressive. But still you got the same flanges on hubs and same spoke patterns.

Special on the rear wheel where you have a wide cassette on one side and a rotor on the other side. So soon it is 2015 and a couple of big bike companies thought a bit extra of the soft wheel issue. 

– On one side Trek with their Remedy 29er together with Sram. They use 12×142 normally but now they widened the hub 3mm on each side to get the flanges wider and the wheel stiffer. They also moved the front chainrings a bit out to make it possible (without changing Q-factor):

Should be as stiff as a 26″ wheel they say:

But they still got longer spokes on the left side and shorter on the right side back.

– The other solution is Cannondale with their new F-SI 29er hardtail. They don’t think 12×142 makes it any stiffer with their frame so they still use a QR as it’s a racebike and should be easy to swap wheel when punctured.

Instead of making a new hub they ”changed” the center. Moved the drivetrain out 6mm to the right they can have same spoke tension on both sides. Did like Trek and moved the chainrings without changing Q-factor. Easy for Cannondale as they produce their own crankset. It looks like this:

2 solutions on the same problem. Will the third company (Specialized) use one of this standards or will they make up their own?

Giant Cup, Sram Wireless, New Fork and so on

  • Almost died today. Was racing Giant Cup #8 in Krokstadselva. A area perfect for trail/enduro with gravel uphill and super fun trails down. But today it was XC on trails up and down, thought of quiting after 7min working so hard to come nowhere. Won over my mind and rode all 3 laps. In the end of last lap when I should get off my bike and walk up a climb I fell. My leg didn’t manage to stand and I was to tired to stop the fall. Knew that I did my best at least ;) Map and stats: Movescount
  • Sram Wireless seems to be on the market soon:  More pictures here: RBR
  • And tomorrow I will order a new fork for my Remedy. First step of getting it a kilogram lighter. Found DT XMM 140 27,5″ at 1570g. But is there a better light fork?
  • Anyone who wants to buy my Fox Float Factory 34, 140mm for 27,5″?
  • Anyone who wants to buy my Trek Madone 6.2?

News: Tune Wasserträger 2.0

Tune remade or updated their Tune Wasserträger Uni bottlecage. I almost dropped a bottle with one (Uni) on road (pavé) but works perfect for mtb. The weight is 18g.

Now is it totally remade and dropped a lot of weight. Only 9g for the 2.0 version:


What do you think? I will probably buy it and try, so light so hard to resist ;)

I’m back, both in Tønsberg and on my bike

But everything wasn’t good today. Can you see my fail:

Map and stats from the short ride: Movescount

Before my ride today I was looking in THE bike catalog of 2015. If there is one catalog worth watching for a road bike in 2015 it’s De Rosa. Producing Carbon fiber, Steel, Aluminium and Titanium frames in Italy and with more Campagnolo than any other brand. Link to catalog: De Rosa 2015