Bike of the week: Cube Elite Super HPC Race 29

Long time since last bike but got this from a reader:


Frame: CUBE SHPC Carbon 29, stl. 19” 1.100g

Derailleur hanger: CUBE 20g

Headset: FSA top and Extralite lower. 73g

Seatclamp: New Ultimate 7g

Seatpost: New Ultimate EVO Carbon 31,6x410mm 130g

Saddle: CUBE SLT SHPC Carbon, 143mm 122g

BB: Race Face Cinch system BB92 68g

Crank: Race Face Next SL Carbon 383g

Crankarmprotection: Race Face 17g

Chainring: Race Face Direct Mount 34T 70g

Chain: Sram XX/ PC-1091R 252g

Chainguide: Carbon, custom. Alu bolt 24g

Rear derailleur: Sram XX, medium 184g

Trigger: Sram XX 103g

Wire: Jagwire LEK SL Carbonlook. Alu ends 40g
QR 15 axel: WR Compositi, alu 34g

X-12 axle: Syntace, alu 40g

Handlebar: Innolite MF 10 Carbon, 660mm 107g

Stem: Aerozine, alu, 100mm 100g

Grips: Extralite Hyper Grips 11g

Fork: WR Compositi AMT1 29e, Lockout. 100mm. 1.300g

Expander: Mcfk 13g

Topcap: CabonTi, alu bolt 6g

Stemspacers: Sram 2st. 6g

Brakes: Formula R1Racing. (front/183g and rear/198g) 381g

Caliperbolts: Formula orig, 4st. 15g

Rotors: Ashima Ai2, 160mm. 135g/par

Rotorbolts: Ashima alu. 12st. 10g

Wheels: AX Lightness SRT Carbon with Extra Lite Hyper hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes. 1067g
Tires: Tub, Tufo XC2 Plus. 1110g
Glue: Vittoria 1st. tub for 2 tires. 15g

Pedals: CrankBrothers Eggbeather 11, titan 183g/pair

Cassette: Sram XX/XG-1099, 11-36T 208g

Chainstayprotections: Custom in plastic 6g

Grease: 20g

Total weight: 7.360g

That is a light bike,

_MG_8762_H.Hjort _MG_8735_H.Hjort _MG_8729_H.Hjort _MG_8706_H.Hjort _MG_8686_H.Hjort _MG_8684_H.Hjort _MG_8683_H.Hjort _MG_8676_H.Hjort _MG_8672_H.Hjort

Giant Cup #7

XC Marathon=Bukkerittet=check

XCO=Giant Cup #7=check


One more part done and the hardest one I think. A really fast course with some small roots and stones today with long straights. like made for Continental Race King tires ;) Not for my bike, would have been better in Larvik then where the funniest and most technical course of the races in Giant Cup I’ve done.

But the bike worked good and I did as good as I could. My legs stood straight out on the third (last) lap but still got last in my category except one who punctured. Was only one guy after me of the start group. But was there for the training and didn’t expect to do good so happy with that. Great organisation today with start groups and earlier starts than before. Thanks Holmestrand SK for that :D

No map and stats yet as Movescount doesn’t seems to work this evening and haven’t found any pictures from the race yet. But can show you a nice bike for next year. The new Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt in carbon a.k.a MSL:

More info of them here: Pinkbike

AM bike= All mountain

XC Marathon=Bukkerittet=check



When I got my Trek Remedy 27,5″ I had in mind to have fun on my bike and be able to ride whatever I wanted. Did a marathon race, a really nice one. Tomorrow I will ride a XCO race close to here in the local Giant Cup. The hardest challenge I think as the biggest downside with my Remedy is climbing. It’s both heavy and a bit to relaxed geometry for it.

Aiming for a Enduro race before the season is over too :) In Drammen in middle of september.

Resting day today except the 7km ride to get a nice Team Joker car for tomorrow and a small test so the Remedy works like it should as it was a couple of weeks since I rode it last. Also found some new racetires for it for next year. Tufo XC6. 27,5″x2,2 tubular :D

2,2″ wide should look okay. Too skinny tires doesn’t suit.

Manque de France

But I’m back riding a bike again. Was hard today and my legs wasn’t so used to pedal as I remembered it last time. Not so warm either.

Started with a plan of 1h easy spin in good weather. The easy spin part I don’t know about but felt slow at least, rode along the coast to Åsgårdstrand and up the climb I really dislike and to Barkåker and Sem before I got home after 74min. Manage to take some picture too. Missing France as the blogpost name means so used french shoes, pedals and bibs today ;)

And a jersey with french text on ;)

and thought of geometry and fit today. If someone buys my awesome Trek Madone 6.2 I will get THE classic bike :)

Map and stats from today (don’t look at the heart rate): Movescount

After Tour Alsace

Back home this night after some hours of driving and a last stage since I had internet last time.

Been a long week together with good friends, fast riders, cool bikes, beautiful small French villages, wineyards and mountains that I want to ride myself.

With sunshine:

Tight masters through the beautiful towns:

And great views from the car:

Almost met an old friend, missed meeting a new friend and met a weightweenie. Pictures of how it looks when a boring flat stage got really excited on sunday you can find here: Elisa Haumesser

Read about my favourite team from the race you can do here in Norwegian: Team Joker

Vestfold Sightseeing

Left home 10.15 today with the goal to ride far and get very tired just wheelsucking. 5h with 3 elite riders sounds hard.

Got some Nature Power Nutrition from Multipower at Veloshop (so easy to eat no matter temperature). And then headed towards the meeting place. Bugge was very late so started with a long talk with my Joker boss. Left half an hour later than planned and aimed for Hvasser, a nice harbour out on an island. Rode some new roads for me that I will remember instead of just riding straight like I did to the worlds end last tuesday. Really warm with over 30° C.

Stopped in Hvasser after I had ridden 1h39min and got something to drink from the local Joker store and enjoyed the sun. Then the discussion started about boats that never ended, we should have a boat.

Rode back to the mainland and stopped at Bryggan in Tønsberg to come up with where to ride. Rode to Ringshaug (bathing place). Met Bugge’s brother and the Norwegian U23 National Champion for a chat before we decided to take a bath. Warm and super idea, dried fast in the sun:

After a while there we rode home again. Martin left at my place for Stokke. Niklas a bit earlier to Nøtterøy together with Bugge who rode a bit extra before going to Horten. Slacker ride with more thoughts on why we didn’t have a boat instead of cycling. ;)

The ride of today that made me tired and ready for a 9 day rest (working with Team Joker in France): Movescount