CX: The love and hate

I love racing, love to push the limits with others and try to go fast. Love watching people go really fast and push further. Love racing bikes no matter if it’s for XC, CX, Road, Enduro or DH. The small tweaks, perfectly set up to be ridden to the limit expecting everything to work and knowing that it will work for the cause. Racing like in this teaser:

The thing I have a problem with is the biggest part, the part of being good and do hard training. Like trying to get up this climb over and over again looking strange:

Rode up to the top, straight up twice. The third time it was too slippery so the 8 times afterwards I just rode straight almost up. Really hard and it tasted blood halfways through it. That’s why I only rode 10 times full speed. And then 2 sprints. Home after 29min. That’s a hard effort for me but not such good training when it’s so short.

Can see the small climb here: Movescount

Think I will try once more on thursday, but in an easier climb that I can manage, maybe a bit longer too. Trying to find some speed until the race in Skien on saturday and get some hard training for my back.

GP Mario de Clercq, CX Ronse

First CX race this season for the world champ today, Omega Pharma – Quick-Step stylish kit:


And as he is the world champion Stybar can have his bike like he wants. Specialized doesn’t have any Crux CX bikes with cantilevers for 2015 but Stybar got some ;)


So world champ, light bike, Sram CX1, aerohelmet = win?

He caught Mathieu van der Poel on the first lap and lapped as #1 but then it became a bigger group. Then Sven Nys showed himself with an attack and then the race was over. Sven Nys was just better today and Stybar was dropping a bit.

1. Sven Nys – Crelan – AA Drink

2. Mathieu van der Poel – BKCP-Powerplus

3. Klaas Vantournout – Sunweb-Napoleon Games

4. Kevin Pauwels – Sunweb-Napoleon Games

5. Lars van der Haar – Giant Shimano Development Team

6. Tom Meeusen – Telenet Fidea

7. Wout van Aert – Vastgoedservice Golden Palace

8. Zdenek Stybar – Omega Pharma – Quickstep

The womens race was missing live stream :( but got some results:

1. Sophie de Boer – Kalas-NNOF

2. Helen Wyman – Kona FFSA Factory

3. Jolien Verschueren – Wielerteam Decock-Woningbouw Vandekerckhove

Preview: bPost Bank Trofee Ronse

Today is the big happening. Sanne van Paassen started CX a week ago and today the other big champ starts. Zdenek Stybar is racing CX instead of riding in poor conditions in China :D

Here is a course preview by In the Mud:

Women elite starts 13.45

Men elite starts 15.00

CX Svelvik

They changed a lot on the course since last year which made me really happy. Had a couple of rocky/rooty sections but much better in all ways. Started after M15-16, Women Senior, Men junior with 5 others. Nice people so smiles on the startline. Almost missed the start but starting last I didn’t loose any time. Geared a couple of gears fast and then I dropped my chain.

Put the chain on and I was last. Chased and dropped the chain in total 3 times more. Gearing to fast on bumpy terrain with a chainring without wide/narrow teeths and without steerer wasn’t so good. Chased a lot on the first lap and caught some people but went a bit to hard so after 1st lap I wasn’t so good anymore and had to slow down.

Chased in a pace I could hold and got some backpain, understandable when racing hard without training ;) Was pretty funny at least and except the chain my bike worked perfect. The Awesome sticker on the top tube really tells the truth :D

Ended 3rd which resulted in podium and some flowers ;)


Photo by Jon Even Corneliusen

And then it was men elite, 59 riders so a lot of people on track at the same time. Record on CX in Norway I think. Fun to see the sport grow.

Top 10:

1. Fredrik Haraldseth – Bærum OCK

2. Morten Vaeng – Drammen CK

3. Kristoffer Sommer Wormsen – Ringerike SK

4. Johan Nystrand – Svanesunds GIF

Women elite:

1. Jeanette Persson – Skullerud SpKl Sykkel

2. Katrine Ferrao Hofstad – IK Hero Sykkel

3. Tiril Hole Mohr – IK Hero Sykkel