2015 XC teams 1 gone

Giant is stopping their XC Team! One of the biggest bike manufactures in the World are not in the best bike sport. If they quit LIV too they are stupid. Ranked 1st with Neff, 6th with Wloczszowska and 18th with Ferrand Prevot.

But the sadest thing is with the men. Fabian Giger ranked number 3 and Emil Lindgren 9th, Heyden U23 World Champion! That’s what I call a top team. Giger seems to have found a new team, Lindgren doesn’t :(

Looking at the ranking Women elite got many different teams, looking at men it looks like this:

1. BMC

2. Scott

3. Giant (gone)

4. Trek

5. Cannondale

6. BMC

7. Merida

8. Cannondale

9. Giant (gone)

10. Stöckli

11. Giant (gone)

12. BH

13. Trek

14. Scott

15. BH

16. Merida

17. BMC

18. Bh

19. Cannondale (for 2015)

20. MMR

Missing here is Specialized! Best rider from them is Yamamoto at 26th, they should sign a fast rider like Matthias Wengelin and get up in the ranking.

Another team missing is Bianchi with Gerhard Kerschbaumer that rode really good in the end of the season.

So the big question is: Which team should sign Emil Lindgren???

Hyperbar, 750mm <95g

Extralite finally made a new MTB handlebar. Their old is pretty slim and only for 25,4 stems. So now a new Hyperbar in three widths and types:

5mm up or 5mm drop:

Available in widths of 650, 700 and 750mm. Can be shortened to 550mm (why?)

The lightest, Hyperbar UL is 93g in 750mm

Middle is regular Hyperbar, 102g in 750mm (187,5€ at R2-bike)

and then there is Hyperbar BEC (for barends),106g in 750mm.

Lighter than Tune Türnstange but as good?

More info here: Extralite

Wilier or Guerciotti CX? or same-same?

The good thing buying a bike from a good bike company is that there isn’t any other brands with the same frame. It’s not like you find a Specialized Tarmac with for example Fuji on, if you find a frame looking the same it’s a unlegal copy.

But with smaller companies just buying a frame and puts their sticker on you can find copies. Here we have a girl riding a Wilier CX last sunday in Valkenburg:


But she isn’t alone riding that frame, Sophie de Boer and some others are riding Guerciotti Lembeek which to me seems to be the same frame:


Has Wilier just got the same frame as the CX company Guerciotti or is it opposite?


First comes yellow, a colour that Marianne Vos, Marijn de Vries and many others show and talk about. A big project to engage more women in cycling and to enjoy bikeriding. Had a secret twitter ride from the fair in Utrecht that looked like this:

Check the hashtag #weownyellow for more information. Can it be spread outside the Netherlands and U.K.?

Except that I really don’t know what to tweet about at the moment so sharing a thought that got into my mind about next mtb season, looks something like this:

If Christoph Sauser didn’t have posted a video on Twitter yesterday, hmm.

Dressed like a champion #gelatosocks

Heard some comments on my Gelatosocks:

And today googling pictures after reading Katja’s blog about CX clothing I have to share this. There are more people riding with this cool Swiss (or Italian?) socks:

But just because one guy more using them, is it right then? Like saying that an AX-Lightness rim is good just because people ride with them, it’s a difference saying Alexandra Engen won the World Championships on them. Used by a World Champion can’t be wrong, can it?

So to get to the point. Kathrin Stirnemann won the XCE World Championships this year and look at her socks:

Also used by other Swiss and Italian riders:

So just to order a pair or two you too :D

CX World Cup Valkenburg, the replays

If you like me missed see the racing live yesterday you can watch the replay. See how Sanne van Paassen passing a lot of people and great english battles:

And the men’s race, haven’t seen it all yet myself: