114km with the latest

Rode with La Lepre Stanca this morning, a bit early as we started at 7 o clock but survived. Many small nice roads and great company, maybe with a bit too good legs ;) My legs missed power so hard in the uphills.

Started with 7 riders for the first hour and a quarter then we splitted into one group going back to Jönköping and one group going longer. One guy left a short bit after remaining was my, Henrik and Tomas. Great roads with this one of the boring parts (easy to take a photo on a straight road)

2 SuperSIX Evo and my on a Madone, would have been funny if I kept my Evo too ;)

Map and stats of today with hard legs: Movescount

Think it will be a rest day tomorrow as I’ve ridden 5 days in a row, a lot for me.

Tune’d my Remedy

My bike is really good but not so light. Last mtb I had was at 8,5kg. My Trek Remedy was 11,95 yesterday. Big difference. And just a Tune saddle.

So today I mounted a new lighter 15mm axle in front:

A 60mm Tune Geiles Teil 4.0 stem, much better for me than the 80mm that came original:

Topped it with a superlight Tune Türnstange handlebar. 750mm with 15mm rise (felt better and more Enduro) that should be around 120g so saved over 250g on just the handlebar :)

Next up is wheels and maybe fork, and then we’lll see. Seems a bit hard to get it lighter. Made it a bit heavier too, had some strange sounds from the rear yesterday and I saw why when I washed it today, 3 bolts for the rotor was loose and 3 was missing. Should always use some loctite on those. Until I come home I got this big bolts from my dad ;)

Thinking of getting some lighter rotors too. Any suggestions on what to get? 180mm in front and 160mm in rear.

XCO SM Course

Went to try the XCO course for the weekends National Championship today with a friend. Ended with riding first lap with another friend in good shape until Eskil joined us. Hard climbs if you ask me and super downhills, big change from their normal Hallbyrundan course at the same place.

First technical thing called Kings Landing:

Second that isn’t on a video is a nice drop where you can pass people riding the outside line:

Last big thing is the thing called The Wall. As the name says it’s very steep with a steep landing. Feels best when going slow over it, tried to lift my front wheel a bit more on the third lap and I landed to far down:

Here from today:

With a not so good picture of Ville riding it:

Dropper post rules ;) And as Elna Dahlstrand write between the lines, this course suits double chainring pretty good ;)

My slow stats from today: Movescount

XC Marathon SM course

Swedish National XCM Championship is in less than 2 weeks. I rode the course with a friend yesterday. Really nice trails and really hard climbs on the second part.

Rode with a friend that learned me some things about bikes. Erik Jonsson. The guy who learnt me to use bartape for grip on a mtb.

He seemed to have a fun morning when I was suffering, hard climbs that probably will make the results for the Nationals. He rode with Bike Ahead wheels with 2″ Racing Ralph tubulars, I used Bontrager AM wheels with 2,4″ X-King. That’s what I blame ;) or just not as good trained as he is. Great weather and super singletrails made it up a bit :D

Map and stats from yesterday: Movescount

Today it looks like I will ride the XCO National course for the weekend :)

roadbiking, like 2 years ago

2 years since I last rode a road bike here around where my mum lives. Today I got company of a friend and we rode 40km around the two Hålsjöarna (lakes close to here) on small roads where it shouldn’t be any cars but was a couple.

A bit cloudy but we missed the rain and the 86min went pretty good. Maybe I’m getting into some kind of shape again :) New crankset with 172,5mm arms instead of 175 and 6,5mm slimmer Q-factor. Felt really nice. Great with 25mm Vittoria Corsa SC tires too :)

Änggården Gothenburg

First time in Änggården today. Seen a lot and heard some of the forest. Flowy trails with a lot of hills. Super nice and my bike felt awesome for the type of riding.

Really fun to meet a friend that I haven’t met since 2008.

4 riders and perfect weather. Said it will be an Enduro race in august, think it will be great with not too long climbs and fast flowy downhills with some tricky sections.

No picture or stats today, don’t have a good connection for my watch here so have to wait for monday