my training went to South Africa

Tried to ride XC with the Remedy today. Wasn’t as fun as the riding on wednesday. Go hard or go home they say so this evening was a hard fight. Some nice trails, a lot of water, a couple of nice guys and great weather.

Stats here: Movescount

So let us forget that and move on to this big weekend. First XCO World Cup in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa and LIV Pro Team is ready:

Without Marianne Vos who is in Sea Otter winning. Won the Short Track race today.

And then we got the cool men’s team, Cannondale Factory Racing:

Will any team ride with the XTR 9000 that was released today you think? Not so impressed so just giving a link to info about it: Bikeradar

But cool front derailleur.

Trek Remedy 27,5″ on Nøtterøy

Rained all yesterday, rained all day today. The weather that keeps me in my sofa normally but when you have a bike standing here that should be very fun and three good guys out riding motivation is there :)

Rode out to Vardås and the bike felt a bit faster than my Liteville, mostly because of I’ve now ridden that road before and wheren’t new. Perfect timing as I caught Joachim on the last uphill. Walked up the steps and last part and met Erik on the way. Waited a bit and Peder came so 4 riders, 2 with Trek Remedy :)

Rode a sketchy downhill, felt a bit strange with the new bike and no dropper post, and slippery. On the way up again Erik was to strong or something so his freehub broke and became a fixie. End of ride for him :( Went up to the top again and after some discussions between the locals We headed down another way, nice singletrack. Singletracks here and there up and down all evening afterwards and some really flowy and nice tracks. Slippery but fun and as usual I really like 27,5″ wheels. Like I said to Peder it’s maybe not the fastest but funniest. Became like my friend John who always like to push and for that a 27,5″ is fun.

Really flowy bike but I think I had a bit to little air in my fork today or it is because the bike feels a little to short so I’m close to the front wheel. Revelation worked really well and rear suspension felt more active than on the Fuel EX 29er I’ve tried before. So not the bike that stopped me.

A picture on the locals on the last top:


Flowy downhill from there where you could go fast and jump over rocks/roots, if you knew the track. :D

Then back home again in headwind and it came some waterdrops from the sky in the end. A slippery but fun afternoon with a really fun 13,6kg bike looking like this:


The Deore brakes worked flawless but 30 gears is to many ;) Strange with a bike where the only carbon fibre part is my beloved Tune Komm-Vor saddle ;)

Stats and map from today: Movescount

Sram Rise XX wheelset and Rock Shox RS-1 fork

Sram got a new 29er wheelset. Carbon fibre tubular rims at 325g and their new hubs with the option so use their new 27mm Predictive Steering axle:

And then the biggest news from the Sram group. Rock Shox RS-1 inverted fork is now released:

Only for 29″ at the moment

80/100/120mm damping

New Accelerator damper



Predictive Steering axle.

So to explain it easy it’s a Lefty with two legs and without needle bearings. Cost over 300€ more and is over 400g heavier. I don’t really understand. It also needs a new special hub with the 27mm Predictive Steering axle to stiffen things up. Much more choices for Lefty ;) Here is a video about it:

And more info: Bikeradar

Ibis Ultra Wide rims

First there was a standard width of rims. Then FRM and No Tubes got wider rims with 21mm inner width. No we have American Classic with 24mm inner width on their lightest wheelset and on their Wide Lightning it’s 29,3mm. Super wide I thought

Then Ibis came with new carbon rims:

Available in 27,5″ and 29″. With 41mm outer width and 35mm inner width.

More info here: Bikerumor