This years highest topspeed!

It’s important to be happy and think positive. Today I sat on the wheel of two strong riders and thought, I will keep the wheel, I will hang on, I have too. Mental strength that ended with my legs standing straight out like on Tom Boonen yesterday.

Except he was at the finishline and I had 1h40min left. But a bit before I managed to get a new topspeed for the year. Nothing to brag about as it only was 52,6km/h but it’s at least something to be happy about :)

Rode out to Ingarö this weekend to, but instead of wet rain and water everywhere it was almost dry and really fast. Pretty much wind too. Was okey to sit on wheel in the headwind but when we turned and it became tailwind it was too hard for me so rode the last part alone.

Fastest time to work today too with 14.46, like 3-4min faster than previous record. But also got the slowest time on the way home. The wind says a lot.

No picture today as I had enough with keeping the wheel in front of me so just some map and stats: Movescount

Funny to like cycling when every muscle wants you to stop and take the bus or like last weekend when it was so wet I was freezing after just 15min of the 4h45min ride. There is something magic about the misery cycling can get you too ;)

Cyprus Sunshine Cup

Are you following the big start of the XCO season? Matthias Wengelin show Jaroslav Kulhavy how to race and earn a spot in Specialized Racing Team. Riders with new teams and kits. Jolanda Neff and Pauline Ferrand Prevot seems to not be in top shape like last year. After the first 2 stages of this weekends stage race Fabian Giger and Annika Langvad is leading. Langvad won the 55km point to point race yesterday with over 4min to Neff. Here is a couple of videos from Ghost Factory Racing Team with Lisi Osl:

Any more nice videos from it what you’ve seen?

All ready for spring, Allez printemps

Changed my handlebar after a bikefit, shortened the fork a bit, shortened brake housing and got a new bar tape I’m soon ready to ride on road, fast.

Will shorten the front derailleur housing a bit maybe and adjust the gears. Then I will ride, all day long ;) Or just sometimes when it suits.

Yesterday I finish a superbike, a Specialized Tarmac Kwiato, with Dura-Ace Di2, high end Roval carbon fibre wheels and all S-Works you could thing of. With 2 bottle cages but without pedals that bike (size 56) was 6,66kg.

My Allez that doesn’t even cost half of the Tarmac ended up at 6,64kg as on the picture. Including pedals :)

Should have hypergreen tires too ;) 27mm Vittoria Pavé.

Wrote a while ago that I should get a Engage handlebar but found out I could get a Specialized S-Works shallow bar in time anyway, but women’s version. Almost the same except a logo and flare but should have been nice. Now the men’s version was in stock and two days ago one came in size 40cm. Lighter and cheaper than Engage :D

new shoes, new colours

After been selling of my old shoes I got a pair of new mtbshoes. Was time for that this year as my old wasn’t in so good condition. Specialized S-Works mtbshoes too but not in the same colous as my roadshoes. Remember one time in Bergen when I was supposed to ride my roadbike. Took on clothes and shoes and went out, walked down to the road and then I found out I had mtbshoes on ;)

Good with different colours.

Now just waiting for my fork and a bit warmer weather :D

Le Peloton #13

13th Le Peloton for me today, and it’s not my lucky number. And it wasn’t the amount of riders either but close, year record with 12 riders today:

One on roadbike, one on mtb, 2 on commuters and the rest on cyclocross. rode the same round as last week but hopefully a bit faster today as I had a harder time keeping up ;) Turning up stationsbacken in the end of first loop I got dropped big time. Too easy gears as last week made me pedal a bit too fast and then a climb where people ride fast on that was a bit too much.

Rode alone and from Sickla to Älta I took the cycling path as I was riding alone and not so fast. Was good until I came to Älta and was going down to the road when the cyclingpath ended. Was an edge and my bike slipped, I didn’t. Ended up laying on the asphalt with the bike a couple of meters further down the road. From 29km/h to 0km/h and not feeling so good. hit my leg and arm and got some small scars, that broke my lovely wintertights:

Also scraped my levers a bit but otherwise okey. Continued with a bit lower pace to Lemond. Was going okey until I came to the café and sat down, :(

Have been walking slow all day at work but surviving. Planned to ride home after work but remembered that it was the yearly meeting with my cycling club, CK Valhall so ended up at Lemond again for dinner ;) Best thing with the meeting was to met my friend Bang who I haven’t met for over 4 years :D

Map and stats from the morning ride: Movescount (crash after 1h)

Dry isn’t always a bad thing

Pretty dry of blogposts here now, don’t really know what to write about if I should be honest. Any questions you want answers on or any thoughts of what you want me to write about?

Maybe you, like me wonder why Specialized isn’t producing their superlight Roval Alpinist SL Carbon wheels anymore?

1024g is really light. 226g lighter than Roval’s lightest wheelset now (Rapide CLX 40)

Lovechock Specialized Team for Cape Epic, and Leftydream

Sanne van Paassen and Jolien Janssen is racing Cape epic for Lovechock Specialized Team on Specialized Era. Here’s from their latest training camp:

I also found a nice video from Racing Shox (who I’m getting my new Marzocchi fork from) riding a Cannondale Flash showing nice trails in Spain with a Lefty fork :)