RAAS – The race of your dreams

also called Race Across Skåne was a groupride in Malmö yesterday. Been in Denmark doing like this

before I got to Malmö and Patch who I was staying at. Together with the fast Swede with an Allez in the cool colours. David Klasson. Joined by Claes and Colin we had a great weekend. Malmö is a fantastic city and very cheap to eat ;)

On saturday it was time for the race and check in at Musette:

The Allezen ready to race:

Around 100 riders divided in 2 groups. 1 Ride group rode at 8 at a bit slower pace. And then the Race group at 9 with a ”master” start:

Rode with the first small group after the master for like 40min before I got dropped. Was a bit too fast for me as we should ride 191km. Took it a bit easy and waited for the group behind with another guy. Joined them and rode with them the rest. When we saw Östersjön on the other side of Skåne the attacks came. Went fast and was really funny. 2 guys for the Jönköping club that splitted our group. The took a group picture in Kivik at the lunch stop (had to stop for 1h):

Great weather and people:

back to Malmö it was a bit slow in the end before we got the group work together again and with a bit of headwind. But beautiful roads. After last (3rd) stop in Blentarp we passed the Ride group and I sat the pace up the long asphalt and gravel climb. Can’t help it but riding on gravel is so fun, love it :D Didn’t got the same good pace in our group afterwards but it worked okey beeing able to go around in 40km/h when it was 20km to go.

Never ridden so fast for so long before, was hard but not to hard and never had any energy dip so everything just worked :) And it was fun

Back at Musette:

Did I mention that the weather was perfect? And while not beeing in the first group, or in a breakaway from it I got a picture of the winner with his bike. David Klasson is a great winner:

The guy sitting in blue, white and red behind won the sprint in our group.

Map and stats: Strava

And ending with the couple making Stockholm worth riding in showing Ten Speed Hero style:

for more pictures check the hashtag #raas2015 on Insta.

I didn’t seem to stick on any good pictures. The only guy riding Café du Cycliste.

A try to get fast, intervals with a Pro

It’s said you get fast if you do intervals, doing so with a fast rider like Edvin would be a winning concept. Met up with Edvin here in Borås this morning:

Rode to Kinna and back with what I thought was 5 6min intervals. The first one which I managed to sit on Edvins wheel on was just a warm up. Hmm. The ”real” 4 I claimed on wheel in the beginning but got dropped pretty fast. It was hard but fun to see the difference between us. and happy that there is a lot of difference too. ;)

Great to ride on roads where I’ve been traveling with car and driving on many many times but never ridden on before. Passing the house I grew up in too and talking memories.

A great morning ride which made my legs feel alive, or just waste :p

map and stats: Strava

A sunny sundayride with the girls

Sometimes it’s good to just ride easy and enjoy the nature we got. Have had a great day with three girls from She Rides today north of Stockholm on small beautiful roads. Ann-Sofie was our guide and had planned a great ride. Noor kept the mood of everyone on top all the time. Emelie pushed her limits the way we like it.

11049620_10153986205783238_7501216093087310462_n 11169937_10153986205803238_4300848935190568990_n 11745810_10153986205878238_8398986907022358537_n 11751772_10153986205913238_2953330629980824600_n 11811559_392562720944338_1039188509074979649_n DSC_0783 DSC_0784 DSC_0785 IMG_20150726_150928

We missed the rain and ended with a nice fika. Nothing to complain on :D

Map and stats: Strava

And thanks to Cykelspecialisten i Sickla a.k.a Specialized Concept Store Stockholm for the great bike: Tarmac Expert:

Le Peloton #38

Last ride on the borrowed Tarmac this morning. Met up with a few others:

Just one group and mostly strong riders. But not so many helping keeping the speed high. Was hard today but up to Fisksätra it felt ok even when the heart rate was high and I didn’t keep up with the fastest in the last climb. Dropped back a bit up to the Ektorp roundabout but people to keep up and for me to sit on the wheel of.

A gap up Hellas but Rille and a little bit of me got back up afterwards and hanged on to Älta. Was up in front for a bit but up Lindalen I was just cooked. 5 guys got away with me and another guy from CK Valhall chasing behind but lost more than we gained. We rode together the last part sharing the work, not so fast but worked good together.

Ended at the place to be a wednesday and friday morning. bikecafé Le Mond:

A bit cold but sun is sun ;)

Had changed stem on the Tarmac today for a bit better fit and it felt better :) Great to try one for real before buying and it feels so great balanced, a fun bike that works for riding fast with. Even with a weight of 7,26kg ;) Mine will be a bit lighter, better looking and even better working, but with one wire more.

Map and stats from today: Strava