Blue Lightning #1

a.k.a Specialized Epic HT Cerrol Edition.

On my earlier light mtbbuilds I’ve been using Sram X.0/XX1/XX1, Cannondale Hollowgram SL and KCNC cranksets.

On this new build I will try a ”new” crankset, an old Specialized S-works that seems really light, lightest mtb crankset I had:


With a 34t oval chainring from Garbaruk and probably all spacers I need.

It won’t be the lightest bottom bracket I had as BB30 is lighter but this PF30 bottom bracket is the lightest I’ve found:


Now on instead of just Ride Reports I will post some weightweenie stuff too 🙂

Le Peloton #130


Todays feeling. Good but empty and without power. I blame my studded tires, non aero but super good fenders and Emil’s bike choice. 3kg lighter with 35mm fast rolling tires instead of my 42mm Schwalbe Marathon Winter.


4 on the picture missing Oscar, Jesper and Emil who came just after. Rode the short roadloop and me and Oscar got dropped pretty early. Oscar tried to catch the others but didn’t and had to stop at a redlight when I got up to him. Rode together with him mostly hanging on my wheel after that and took the shortcut in Älta. The shortcut was enough for Emil to catch me just after and we rode ”together” the last part. I may not have the speed I wanted but I got up, out and met some great people. Good training for the spring. And ending with the best breakfast at Cykelcafé Le Mond 😀


Do I need to say the weather is pretty warm now and it was enough with merino undershirt and my lovely Café du Cycliste Yolande jersey with a vest which was just a tiny bit too warm 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Winter wonderland


Do you see my tire? With all the snow today we thought it was better riding mtb, so I borrowed a Camber Comp Carbon:


Then met up with some friends who rode everything, a day for all. 1 gravelbike, 1 adventurebike, 1 touringbike, 1 XC bike, 2 Trailbikes, 1 All Mountainbike. A great group of people:


The trails were not rideable at all so rode on gravel, asphalt mostly. Beautiful winter and great temperature too:


Nice on the hardpacked snow and awesome without slush 🙂 The ride: Strava. Ended with a fika and rolled home again on my Sequoia:


Go Commando! Ride Tubeless!

  • On cyclocross people always used tubulars and there it isn’t any discussion about what’s best.
  • On mtb some used tubulars a little but the market is too small so very few tires to choose from. And even Nino Schurter won in Rio on regular tires. Buy no one is racing with tubes, everyone is going tubeless with some kind of sealant, everyone knows you have one thing less to puncture.
  • On road racers been on tubulars for the feel, to be able to ride with a flat and because it’s lighter. Until Tony Martin won the ITT in Copenhagen on regular clinchers. Continental GP4000 clincher has been the fastest tire according to tests. Until the new Specialized S-Works Turbo and Turbo Cotton that is the only ones who spins faster.

The new Specialized S-Works Turbo tubeless (or 2Br) has shown to be even faster. Don’t ask me how but without a tube you can go faster.

I always liked to optimize with less weight, more aero, less parts and everything built to fit me. 2016 I’ve been using S-Works Turbo tires in size 22, 24 and 26mm. A 24mm with a turbo (lightweight butyl) tube:


A regular setup for an S-Works or other top end bike. If you keep the same pressure with a 24mm and change to a 28mm it will roll as fast:


Wider tires are faster. (But usually we lower the pressure to get more comfort and it doesn’t roll fast) But it’s a lot heavier, on a place we don’t want to add weight. Without the tube:


As it’s 2017 and I love new parts Specialized finally released their S-Works Turbo 2Br:


28mm too and should have the same amount of paper and things around. 3g lighter.

And the ending, how much does tubeless sealant and a valve weights?


It’s a bit heavier than 24mm tire with tube but a lot lighter than the same width of tire with tube. 37g saved and you will be able to go faster 😀

As I didn’t buy the parts the packages is still on, sorry for that. But I think tubeless is the future on road too, for us amateurs who doesn’t want a spare tire with us. We all want to go faster with less effort.

Love to see the development go forward and want to be included in the process. A part of the Mechanical Advantage as Sram wrote before. Will set my Roval SLX up tubeless when the spring arrives and try it for real 😀

Le Peloton #129

Red day, 2nd Le Peloton of 2017 and Le Mond talked about Waffles. 2h later start gathered many people even when the temperature showed -16° in the city:


My Assos jacket was amazing and my new Specialized Subzero gloves was a warm welcome 🙂

Everyone went together in the beginning but with Madde attacking. Me and Michael got up to her and passed, then we rode alone. Or Michael rode with me trying to hang on his wheel 😉 Really cold and when we came to Flaten it went colder, the others talked about -22°. Today was a record for me, never been riding in such cold before but went ok and my bike worked perfect.

Ended at Le Mond with waffles and people bragging about how hard they were:


Awesome start of a friday. And Bikecafé Le Mond is like a cycling café should be. Simple, welcome and good space for bikes 😀

Thanks to everyone who joined today. Colder than last year but still as happy people 😀

Le Peloton #128

Was snowing yesterday evening so when I came to Urban Deli it looked like this today:


And empty. While I was texting Kalle about how many we where Claes came too 🙂 So far never been alone on Le Peloton 😀 We took a groupie of us two Sumo cyclists:


Too much snow in the forrest to ride the CX peloton and a lot of snow everywhere, as Le Peloton is about breakfast we rode around Älta while waiting for Le Mond to open 😉 Was good roads until Älta but worse back to Stockholm city. With awesome skills, Sumo power and smiles we managed to get to Le Mond even before the breakfast was ready. 🙂

And got our well deserved waffles:


Not my hardest ride but best waffles so far this week. If you want to see the ”impressive” ride, watch it here: Strava

As an end of the day and as I got an adventure bike I tried new adventure tires. Specialized Grount Control in 1,9″ or 47mm. Have to try them on some more challenging roads than just cycling paths tomorrow or on friday:


2017 release

2016 was an amazing cycling year for me. Succeeded with all my plans except for riding more with CK Valhall. Read about them here: The big plans for 2016

The first thing is I’m changing cycling club. Got an offer I couldn’t resist from:

Specialized Concept Store CK


And really looking forward to race XC with John, Magnus, Damian, Hanna, Johan and the rest 😀 XC isn’t dead and it’s the funniest discipline to race and I miss it from earlier days.

Racing and riding more mtb includes less roadbiking and less miles overall. But after this year I know I can ride a lot and learned a lot about resting and I think I’m good in not getting stressed.

2017 will get better than before, aim to ride faster, rest better and smile more 😀 Motivation is all and my Sequoia is getting me motivated to ride fast in the spring and all summer. Want to improve my tan and explore new roads without being the slowest guy. Of course I will never give up style, always want to look as good as I can and be correct.

If I would taking it down to dots, putting numbers and dates for the year it looks something like this:

  • 27-29 jan Basemile Snowdown (epic winterriding with awesome people in a beautiful landscape)
  • feb-mars Keps Cup (local mtb cup)
  • all summer Stockholm MTB Cup
  • 13th May Långa Billingeracet (best marathon race in Sweden)
  • a Sunday in June Lida Loop (XCM with the club and work)
  • summer Want to go to France again, lovely country
  • 1st weekend in August Race Across Skåne
  • middle of August Rapha 12 Hills
  • 26th August Hansen Cykelløb (icecreamgravel in Denmark)

That’s the plan so far. What do you got for plans?