friends + Le Mond = win

I’m not a big fan of big parties but I’m a big fan of class. This evening I celebrated my 30th birthday at Bikecafé Le Mond with some great friends here in Stockholm. Feels really blessed to have such good friends to celebrate at such a great place :D

Have had a great evening with great food and cake. And on top of all I got some really nice presents. A lot more than I could imagined before. Thanks to all for this:

11222055_10153549443336049_6557606264357322845_n 12079246_10153549443356049_4623910202953163730_n DSC_1092

Can recommend bikecafé Le Mond if you want to have an event in Stockholm :)

30 and gravelgrinding

Today is the day some say I grew up, my mum thinks that I’m not so old and some say I got old. Today I got 30 years old. And it’s like yesterday…

Started the day like the new word from Specialized explaining what to use their Diverge for, gravelgrinding. A cooler name for gravel riding. Me and Patrik got out on a beautiful and awesome autumn gravel ride at Erstavik. Sometimes killing each other and sometimes just enjoying the beautiful surroundings like here:


A magical morning not feeling in top shape but was great fun and some new roads for me. As we aren’t sponsored by Specialized for real we didn’t had any Diverge’s so both of us rode awesome Specialized Crux instead ;)

It all ended at Vivels in Hammarby Sjöstad for a breakfast and looking at Strava records. If you also want to look at them have a look here: Strava

Le Peloton #53

New week and new Peloton ride. Group 3 today again as a recovery after yesterdays cx. A lot of people in the darkness:


Where 7 in the 3rd group at the beginning, a couple dropped out and one came in. Was a good morning ride with an attack in the end that didn’t work out all the way but was fun ;)

Map and stats: Strava

And a picture of todays outfit with me, Thorgerdur and Johanna by Linda:


It’s getting colder and more clothes are getting on ;)

CX with La Chemise

As the cyclocross training in Sköndal changed to an earlier time due to the darkness I can’t join them. But I can join La Chemise going at 18.30 from Cykelcity and so I did. La Chemise is Stockholms answer to Jönköpings Jönköpings CK except it’s not open for anyone. But their trainings are.

Rolled in after work and then we rolled back towards the forest and riding the Le Peloton CX-loop. Met up with some other and became a big group. Background fact is that for almost 10 years my idol has been Fredrik Kessiakoff. Riding with style and was a weightweenie going fast for real. Now he’s not racing anymore but riding for fun and he was with us today. A guy that get respect for real and deserves it :) Fun to have seen him on distance just before and now be able to train together, at least in the beginning.

The beginning was hard as I thought but I was there hanging on. In the first climb I dropped Kessiakoff and got passed by one guy but was still hanging in there. Going downhill a little and then you take a shortcut onto a singletrack with a couple of roots to get the closest way to an uphill. A shortcut that always goes well except today. Came to far out to the left, hit a big thing and my front wheel disappeared, went down but not to hard. Fast up again and let the guys behind me away and got back on my bike. Bent brakelever so had to stop after that uphill and straighten it.

Rode alone for a while until I got company from 2 others. A little later from another guy so was 4 guys riding the Erstavik loop together and it felt good. Hard but manageable. Went well until we came back on the bumpy road and went a bit uphill. Dropped a bit there but was able to chase back. Did the end in front of our group and pushed what was left in my legs.

Hard but good and really like to ride fast with others, having a hard time to go hard alone. met up with the rest:


Awesome test of my new shoes to. Felt good all the way and only thought about them once while I tightened them a bit extra. Just have to be able to push the little extra to hang on the first (or 2nd) group. Pushing limits :D At least I got some personal records today so really satisfied:

Map and stats: Strava

Cold enough to wear my long sleeve jersey from Café du Cycliste today too, important to look good on a bike:


S-Works for the win

If you follow me on Instagram you already seen it. A colleague of mine says you got to have S-Works.

Today I got my Sidi’s sold and got a new pair of mtb/cx shoes. Specialized S-Works with a little bit new design and fit, very small change compared to the new road shoes but it fits my feets :)


And I love white shoes. White shoes, helmet, bar tape and saddle is the most classy combo I know.

Tomorrow I will try the shoes for real, looking forward :)

Superprestige Gieten and EKZ CrossTour Dielsdorf

A lot of racing this weekend. Like the first Superprestige cyclocross in Gieten. Here by TV Drenthe:

With a happy Sanne Cant on the startline, maybe first picture of her smiling:

More pictures from the race by Balint Hamvas here: Cyclephotos Follow him for the best CX pictures all season long :)

And there was another big race in Switzerland in their EKZ CrossTour. 2nd race now in Dielsdorf:

Pictures from the race by Elisa Haumesser here: Facebook

Il Lombardia

Today I sent this beauty away for storage and to become the 2nd roadbike in my life. It won’t be used as much as before but it’s too good to sell and loose money on:

My Allez is the bike I’ve ridden most of all bikes I’ve had. It’s the bike I can jump on and feel like home and be able to ride for 7h without a thought. It’s been to Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway and many places in Sweden. It’s been used for more than 6500km. It has been awesome and I hope it will bring me many kilometers more when I’m around Jönköping visiting my dad and friends.

But I’ve tried better bikes and next years bike will be better and hopefully go even further bringing more smiles to my and others lifes. A bike that handles as good as Vincenzo Nibali’s bike did on todays Il Lombardia. Watch the last 17,5km here and enjoy the great action: