How to get stronger

Ride up a hill as fast as you can, and then repeat. That was my plan for this morning. And it almost worked. Rode to Hammarby Hill with a singletrack in the end with a plan riding up 5 times as a friend of mine did last week.

Started easy as I didn’t know how long or steep it really was, ended on over 90% heart rate and easiest gear. Trained on some berms on the way down and up one more time. Felt like shit and almost didn’t make it all the way up (takes around 3,5min for me) so changed my plan from 5 to 4 rides.

3rd time up was a bit better than second and changed back to 5 turns up as I then had done more than half.

4th time was hard but manageable with the motivation that it only was 1 time left.

5th time and last time, that was the turn to push harder. a gear extra and in the middle of the steeper part I changed from 42 to 36 on my cassette and stood up. For a short bit before my lungs came up and I had to sit down again and gear back to 42. Felt like over 190 in heartrate. Dead on top when a met a nice lady who took this picture of me:

Bad sunglasses and a lot of sun. This 2nd picture was a bit better ;)

Nice view from the top. Tried to find another way with more singletrack in the forest on the way down but ended with the same track as I started with. A hard morning with a lot of sweat that hopefully make me a better looking and faster cyclist :D

Map and stats: Movescount

Le Peloton #20

The misery. When motivation and feelings doesn’t work together it can be a hard time. This morning I was motivated to ride as it’s the last training this week and I like riding with others. 2° and boring weather when I looked out at 5.15 this morning. When I got dressed and came out the door it was raining.

With waterproof Café du Cyciste Jeanne bibs and Loulou legwarmers it felt pretty good anyway, and new gloves from Oakley. The only thing I missed was my Assaver that was at work.

Not so many riders today:

Rode in one group today. But after a short sleep my legs wasn’t on top and I got dropped pretty fast. Turned left in Saltsjö-Duvnäs and rode the 2nd group ride. Thought of taking the shortcut in Älta too but the Stravatime motivated me and then it wasn’t raining any more. Ended coming first to Le Mond and sat alone in the beginning eating breakfast:

After around 10min 2 more riders came. They got dropped on the Fisksätraloop and rode alone. But no sign of the 7 others that should be there earlier. 1 more rider came, said that the group took a strange way, shortcut in one place and a longer way in one place.

That’s how it can be, but we got a nice breakfast ;)

Tried my new saddle for the first time today. slipped a bit backwards but felt pretty good, made the bike weigh 6,48kg. Not completely sure on that it’s better than the Romin but not bad.

The tires are great and thought of it on the way home. Second or third time not pumping the tires that use a latex inner tube before I go home. Pump them in the morning to 6,5bar in front and 6,8bar rear. Checked the pressure in the fronttire when I came home after work. 5bar ;) 5bar and was feeling great, that’s nice. Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm :)

Map and stats of today, 30km/h on the Le Peloton 2nd group: Movescount

3 new groupsets: Sram Force 1, Sram GX and Shimano XT8000

Sram is trying and showing their new groupset Force 1 which also seems to be available as Rival 1. The 1 stands for 1×11:

For a gravelbike, sure. But for a roadbike I would like tighter and more steps, like today.

But Sram is also coming with an even cheaper 1×11 drivetrain for mtb now called Sram GX:

Don’t really know the new things is except it should be heavier and cheaper. But the train Sram also jumps on now is more chainrings on the front, or the possibility to choose. GX is available as a 2×11 drivetrain as well:

for use with the 10-42 cassette. More info here: Pinkbike

And then, maybe the biggest news. Sram now got 4 1×11 drivetrain while Shimano only got XTR. But here it is:

Shimano XT8000:

Available as 1×11, 2×11 and even 3×11. XTR9000 a bit cheaper and way more black. So bigger cassette, bigger platform on the new pedals and wider rims as the big news (and the extra gear).

XT8000 also got 2 cassette optiions. 11-40 or a little bigger 11-42:

More info here: Pinkbike

Le Peloton #19

The speed is coming and so are the riders. Today it changed a bit divided into 3 groups. 1 fast going full loop, one slower going full loop and one that was the old 2nd group not going to Fisksätra. I’m a guy for the slower long group but we where some riders today going with the first group for as long as possible and then being collected by the new 2nd group. At the start, came some more people afterwards as usual:

Was okey in the beginning but as usual coming down to the road towards Saltsjö-Duvnäs and the Strava segment called Järnvägspizza, then it starts to go fast. 1,1km segment where I had 46km/h in average last week. Today I had 49,1km/h and was even a bit at the front after having a great time on the wheel of Nils (the guy who’s taking on/off his windjacket on the picture). Claimed on the group going out to Fisksätra for a while. longest time so far but when it’s a climb after you gone under the railway I had to drop. Johan dropped a bit later and I was chasing him half the Fisksätra loop, never came any closer. Then the second group came and collected us and we collected some others on the way back, never thought I would keep up as my legs already stood straight out.

Up Saltsjö-Duvnäs it felt pretty good again and after sitting on the wheel I helped a bit through Sickla and in the start of the climb up to Hellasgården. Know it’s a hard time for me so rode smart and wheelsucked. Worked out great. Was a rider going around sometimes and sometimes wheelsucked today, wasted powers in the right moments and saved in other moments. The place I never save is the last straight passing Skarpnäck too Enskededalen. The last section where we go fast so it was just full speed and my legs stood straight out even before the small uphill. The group was a bit tired afterwards too so I advanced a bit before the sign. Felt great coming to the first intersection with redlights. Was breathing hard and then the talking start, everyone stopped focusing on holding wheels and use their power to pedal and talked instead.

Le Peloton is hard but also friendly (before and afterwards). Am thinking it as the best training I ever get on roadbike and there are always potential to go faster with faster guys. Average speed of the complete Strava segment today was 35,2km/h and ended at an 92nd place, of 98. I’ve got some work to do but enjoying it every time :D

And coming to Cykelcafé Le Mond afterwards, eating a nice breakfast or just take a coffee and talk about the ride and chilling is a goal worth riding for. :)

Map and stats from today: Movescount

SCS Breakfast Club, Enduro style

Met up with Patrik this morning for the weekly ride. But the Kangas brothers where late so changed the plan a bit. Instead of riding same ride we rode a couple of downhills waiting for the others. Then it was endurotraining all the way. Alexander and Oliwer is really fast going down but the are as fast uphill too, hade a hard time trying to follow. Both of them and Patrik och Specialized Enduro bikes. Looking like this in the middle of Hammarbybacken:

And after Oliwer came with the stupid idea to climb to the top it looked like this, blurry as it was steep in the end, too steep. But great training:

And a view the other way, great view of a part of Stockholm, city to the left:

Map and stats of this hard but beautiful and fun morning: Movescount