Le Peloton #138

You know when it’s cold, the legs and body is slow and the time flies. When friends just floating away and you can’t do anything to keep up. The times where you think of why do I do this? What’s the purpose…

It met up with the fast usuals:


Emil came too. Way too fast for me today in -6° C and I dropped before Nacka Forum, turned around and rode alone around Älta.

But was it all for this breakfast at Le Mond:


No, not just but a part of it.

Going out 5.35 in the morning and ride my bike was a win, meeting great friends was a win, breakfast was a win. And knowing that those 32km will make a difference in the summer when you need to get your mind together and just keep on going.

I want to be a guy never giving up, want to have the mind on my side and I want to have the legs needed to enjoy beautiful and hard rides. Like the one 2 guys did from Menton to Col de Turini: From Sand to Snow

Map and stats from a step ahead: Strava

Le Peloton #137

New week, new Peloton, new weather. Snowing and too warm made life wet today. After forgetting my helmet at work today I started the day without a helmet which felt a bit strange:


Passed work on my way to Urban Deli and got my Evade. Magnus took a picture to prove I had a helmet:


While I took a picture of him and Christian:


After a short night and with the cold my legs didn’t feel so fast so rode the group 4 shortest loop together with Magnus. Got Company by Claes too so went a bit faster. Maybe not my best training ride but a ride is better than no ride.

Map and stats: Strava

Blue Lightning #7

First I got wrong rims and 2 different. Then I got a newer version of what I ordered which I kept with some compensation. Planned to get a pair of Ryde Trace XC 21 but got the new Trace 22 instead. A bit heavier but also 1mm wider:

A bit of calculating with DT’s Spoke Calculator and it was time to build:


Too short spokes, had to order new ones and wait until today. 2mm longer and much much better…

Hubs: Sram X0 boost

Rims: Ryde Trace22 29″

Spokes: 48 DT Revolution silver ( 16DT Competition on rear drive side)

Nipples: DT alu 12mm in blue

Result with tubeless tape:


50g more than planned with heavier hubs, rims and including tubeless tape I missed. But there is something with silver spokes.

Now just waiting for saddle and handlebar before I can finish and start riding for real. Looking forward 🙂

When the wind stops you

The plan today was to ride to Ösmo (and eat pancakes), Ena the guide talked about roadbike so I got frightened and changed to summer wheels and Sawtooth tires on my Sequoia. Widest tires today 😉

Met at Le Mond at 10 and had a espresso, maybe to early for the year so we were just 4 today. Me, Johan, Magnus and Ena. Not so many but happy anyway and rode south.

Was a bit wet on the roads and was just Johan who had fenders. Happily it didn’t go so fast so I could sit in the front a lot 😉 And then we turned towards Årsta Havsbad and the wind began. After Fors it got worse and Ena started mumbling about taking the train back. We changed our Ösmo plan and took a shortcut through Segersäng to Västerby where I’ve had fika once before. Almost 2 years ago 😉

Ena took a groupie:


For once I’m not so dirty 🙂 Happy about that. Fika and then we left for Tungelsta where Ena and Magnus took the train. I don’t understand that trainpart and happily not Johan either so we rode towards Stockholm. I started to be a bit tired in Jordbro and tried a couple of different ways to handle it. First being in front and setting the pace to one that worked for me, and then a bit before Sköndal I hanged onto Johan’s wheel instead. Happy he was there 🙂

It all got a great ending except the dirt on my bike:


Map and stats from the sunny winterend: Strava

Cutting the forest with a scalpel


If I could choose one mtb type I would always choose a XC bike. The smile comes easiest with an agile and light XC bike so when I got the opportunity to borrow a friends Cannondale Scalpel-Si Race it was like a child on Christmas. The Epic ride from the Netherlands was still in my mind 🙂


100mm suspension front and rear, 69,5° head angle, 1×11 Shimano XTR and light stiff Enve wheels.

2nd ride today and felt more like home, and got to ride with these lovely people:


Pure magic and a really fun time. Fredrichs S-Works Stumpjumper FSR may have better damping and it may be easier to go downhill with a Command Post but it’s more fun when you can stand up and the bike fly, wanting you to go faster. When it’s a bit easier trails you feel unbeatable.


Just missing some technic but it’s getting better and better. And maybe some wattage like this guy:


The bad thing with the bike was that going too fast and follow to good guys with thin tires is that you puncture easier. Punctured rear once first and then in the end once again as I used too little air 😦 Now I know why people using thicker casings like Specialized Grid when riding in Hellas :p

A thing with the Scalpel-Si that all started with Cannondale’s F-Si is their Built for XXC geometry. Shorter chainstays, Assymetric chainstays, Slacker head angle and a bit longer reach. Building XC bike more AM but still XC and not more suspension. I can say it works! Going down steep things, riding fast on technical trails is feeling so much safer but they are still super agile and fast when it’s tight and the suspension is just helping you go faster 🙂 The thinking of geometry Specialized also did with the new Epic HT which I’m building, one of the reasons I choose that bike. Like that kind of development much more than I like more gears. dropper posts and more suspension 😉

Did I mention the weather was awesome?


Map and stats: Strava

Wish I could try this bike a bit more. And now looking even more forward to finish my Epic 😀

Le Peloton #136


Sometimes it’s hard to resist. Today I thought resting and just commute. Then chatting with Magnus and I planned to do the shortest Peloton loop with him in an easy tempo. And so we did, took a couple of pictures


And then we rode on the cyclingpaths to Älta and around Storkällan. Not so much power today but got some riding and a nice chat before breakfast 🙂 Sometimes you just need to take it easy.

Map and stats: Strava

New year, new rings

It’s not all mtb. My roadbike had some plans for this year and now part 1 is finished. Last year I rode 1×11 and it was great except for that it didn’t work with a Force1 rear derailleur and I couldn’t ride with bigger cassette than 11-32. Maybe too short chainstays.

It all ended with rebuilding the bike with Red22 except a Force22 rear derailleur. Mounted my Aboslute black 36/50 rings I had on my Diverge and rode a couple of rides before the winter. But the small ring wasn’t straight and I never got happy with the shifting.

Lead up to now and new chainrings, got a set of Rotor Q-Rings from a friend:


38/52 and #aeroiseverything thing. Will be nice with a 38t that is usable even here in flat Stockholm when just spinning.


Still to do is change stem to a -17° when I found the right one and probably set up the wheels tubeless to ride faster 🙂 Really satisfied with my Tarmac and looks pro now too, clean and simple but so fun to ride.