the Ionos investment for life

A helmet is important, a working one is even more important. My lovely Atmos broke in the transportation to Germany so I put it in the garbage before getting back to Norway. Today I got a new one. Thought of Aeon  as we have mostly Giro at work and my head like Giro. But Aeon was just in one colour that I didn’t want. So instead I got a Ionos. First a black medium but after trying to fix it to my head perfect before I went home a friend thought I should have a small instead, haven’t even thought of that. But the small was better. So changed to a small white helmet. Really nice helmet.

A little thicker than my Atmos was but was a little bit lighter anyway, if I remember right my Atmos was 284g.

After getting home I went to the store to buy some food and get a nice package. You can see a little of it on the picture here above and a little more here:

More pictures and info on it tomorrow. For the first time in my life I’m own something with the lovely AX-Lightness brand on, hopefully not the last time 😀 Good night.


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