WC in Champery (men juniors, women u23)

And the world championship continues, with good and bad races for the swedish and with good races for the french riders. Men juniors first where the winner from Team Relay Victor Koretzky seemed liking to be on top of the podium. Won the race nicely with a nice bike with tubulars 🙂

1. Victor Koretzky – France

2. Anton Cooper – New Zeeland

3. Andrey Fonseca – Costa Rica

15. Fredrik Fang Liland – Norway

28. Sondre Kristiansen – Norway

61. Emil Linde – Sweden

Emil got 2 punctures or something as he had to change wheels twice. Missing Erik Jonsson, think he would had done really well this year (with good tire pressure as he didn’t have last year).

Then the women u23. This year a boring class when you the start list with the World Cupwinner Julie Bresset.  Of course she won and second came Annie Last who won the last Racer Bikes Cuprace in Switzerland last weekend.

1. Julie Bresset – France

2. Annie Last – Great Britian

3. Pauline Ferrand Prevot – France

11. Kajsa Snihs – Sweden

14. Elisabeth Sveum – Norway

Well done by Kajsa Snihs I think as she beat some really good riders. Fun to see both Julie Bresset and Victor Koretzky who won yesterday won today. 3 of 4 wins for France now, will they take more? The pictures comes from UCI’s new World Cupsponsor Rocky Roads.


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