The winners of yesterday

Many nice races yesterday with different amount of riders. In Sweden where the riders seems to have thinking of winter and stopped racing there was a small race that should be big. Hallbyrundan. Won by Matthias Wengelin and Josefine Ahlström.

Matthias had some chasers but Josefine was alone in women elite, sad but good that Josefine raced so it wasn’t empty.

Some swedish riders left to Norway for the last race in the Norwegian XCcup that also is an UCIrace. But won did Ole Christian Fagerli and Heidi Sandstø in the elite class. In women junior Felicia Ferner won and the only swedish there. Here is a nice video from the race made by the Norwegian cycling federation:

And last there was the first UCI CXrace for the season, in USA. Nittany Cross where Gabby Day punctured so she ended sixth instead of winning as I hoped. Won did the UKchampion Helen Wyman in the muddy hot race. Gabby Day running:

In the men elite there was a nice field that started, a few with good mudwheels like the guy with Envewheels 🙂

Won did the right guy (mostly that’s the thing with racing) now riding for Rapha-Focus with forgotten wheels. Jeremy Powers:

As he or his team forgot his training wheels in the pit I show a bonuspicture on Powers running in the mud. And hoping for a new series of Behind the Barriers.



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