EE brake pad holders, lightest?

If you ask Fairwheelbikes. EE Brakes that has a strange brake that should be very good have also come up with some different brake pad holders:

Without any screw holding the Shimanostandard pads they save weight. And with a different end and without the thing that goes down a little from the holder on mostly of the pad holders. Many small things they save weight with. Ending at low 12,5g for a pair. But at a price at $110

Tune that should be extremely light with their carbonfibre holders is at 13g/pair. AX-Lightness at 14g/pair and normal Sram Red at 19g/pair.

So then you can think that EE brakes has the lightest but they have a competitor. B-T-P:

Not like Tune that comes with both alu- and ti-bolts B-T-P comes with titanium on the front and alu on the rear. For a set for front and rear they are 25g. Easy to count that they then are 12,5g/pair that is exactly like EE. The price from B-T-P is 129€ including pads and then for 2 pairs I hope. Or I read it wrong. See here: B-T-P

2 tankar på “EE brake pad holders, lightest?

  1. the Tune ones are build by BTP

    then you can chose if you wanna have some shoes or shoes with glued pads (you can chose between difrent pads if you ask bernhard).

    the lightes set is the one with glued corima pads and alu screws. he says its about 25g but often they come at around 28g (for both brakes)

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