Lucky training session :)

Shouldn’t be any rain this morning and as I don’t start to work before12 it was perfect to try to get in better shape. At 9 I sat on my bike pedaling north to ride up Munkebotn. Rode up once and thought of how nice landscape it was and autumn weather (know it’s spring) so when I turned around on the top and rolled down I stopped a couple of times to photo it

Not all of the climb but some of it:

When I was turning around again to go up another time it came some hail, but it stopped pretty fast so didn’t change so much. Second time felt faster up, probably because I knew the turns better. 5-6min second time when I didn’t do the complete climb and around 170 in heart rate. Then I continued and went downhill to Eidsvåg. Put on some pressure on the pedals again up the long climb from the ocean and then it came. The wind, hadn’t thought of that but tried to take it a bit easy but got an extra sprint to get up a small hill.

Topped it with a hard sprint up the last climb before going down to Sandviken again, managed to get up in 187 in heart rate and felt pretty good.

Nice training but maybe a bit short warm up (living to close). 46min and 151 in average heart rate if someone cares 😉 If I do this or more a bit more often maybe I can be a little fast this year too 😀

30min after I came home it started hailing, so lucky with the weather today, or well planned by God.


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