Classy tips

if you’re buying a frame on internet and building it yourself there are some small important things too think about. Always have the Quick Release lever on the left side! A guy came in at work today with a NeilPryde Diablo and wanted us to cut his fork. Really nice frame with swedish Revolver Racing Speedsession 50 wheels, complete ControlTech kit and so on. But with the crappy Token QR the wrong way, and in strange blue colour. Fixed it for him of course. And had to put the fork on a scale:

Excuse me for the desk, was doing a big service on a Cannondale Taurine too.

And then to the tips for you. First the normal Euroguide: Velominati

Then we have some nice rules from Bikeradar forum

But maybe the best Eurorules you can find in Denmark. It’s in danish so maybe you need Google Translate or something. Euroman

The rules of Euroman seems best for us scandinavians so we can ride with fenders and things in the winter 🙂



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