The fast Wind

Came to Sweden yesterday evening and in the morning today I borrowed my mums car and drove to Alingsås and the great store Allebike. My best bikesponsor has borrowed me a great roadbike as it was expensive to have mine with me on the flights. Also nice to see their store as it was a while since last time and there new 29erframe. A lot of nice talking and also met Emil Lindgren who was training in there gym, nice talk with him too.

Find their nicest road bike in the store and had to take a photo before I left:

Allebike Wind with full Sram Red and Zipp parts. High end bike for 46500SEK. Thought I should borrow their cheaper frame Impera but I couldn’t as someone should come and try that this weekend. So instead I got to borrow Jessica Blomquists bike, Allebike Wind with Sram Red except the Rival crankset. Mavic Ksyrium Slwheels with Schwalbe Ultremo R, Ritchey WCS handlebar and so. 7,1kg with my lovely Time RXS Carbon pedals. Looks like this:

So when I came back home and helped my mum a little it was time for a ride and test it. Kinna-Rydal-Hyssna-Hajom-Skene-Kinna if you have a qlue where it is 😉

The bike was really nice, hard to write with words but fast and strangely it worked with clinchers for me too 😉 Wasn’t so sure about the framesize first but after an hour on the bike my body liked it, except the saddle maybe (Ritchey WCS). Really likes the Sram Red shifters and the more I use them the more I like them 🙂 So after riding on this small road around the lakes Hålsjöarna as you can see on the picture above I came in too a odd place for me who lived in Norway for a year. Totally flat open landscape and windy from the side, not so common in Norway 🙂

A bit later before Hajom it’s like this so you can imagine the landscape:

Home after 1h25min, with 169 in average heart rate. Think I rode pretty hard but happy with that 😉 Always fun to be back on roads you know and have been riding or driving on many times too.

So thanks to Allebike for the ride! And to make me think of a new road bike, A wind with yellow instead of Red with Pressfit 30 or BB30 bottom bracket and I would be happy 😀


One thought on “The fast Wind

  1. Hah, small world, played football in all those places. Used to take the bike to go fishing at the lakes between Kinna/Rydal


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