Wow, Zipp 808 firecrest

My low profile FFWD F2R wheels are just light and you feel it on climbs and sprints. My Carbomania 50/85mm are fast and has a real Campasound when you change gears, easy to maintain speed.

But today testing Zipp 808 Firecrest with Vittoria Corsa Evo SC tires to Åsane and back was something else. No mather if I rode slow or fast I heard them. Really cool sound and I got a nice smile on my face. But didn’t have the sound when changing gears like on my Carbomanias, need real Campagnolo for that.

On my way back after slipstreaming a car that turned there was another car passing me. Then I really could feel the 81mm high front wheel. Much more win sensitive than 50mm so if you’re like mine 61-63kg I can’t recommend them. If you don’t have too much money that you don’t know where to spend then.

So really fast wheels with a lovely sound. Almost so you can just buy them for the sound.

Tried to get some photos from the bike today, not that easy as my phone only have a touchbutton on the screen for photoing:

But nice to see some yellow shoes, a Öster Cykel sticker, blue Aerozine QR and maybe the most beautiful stem on the market. Forgot my watch today but used Strava Cycling on the phone so rode 24,5km in 53min, average 27,6km/h including walking a short time passing some metallshit on the road were they are rebuilding. 659m too 😉

Complete bike and end of this post:



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