around the fjords, over the mountains

What a day. Free from work but have been on the saddle and worked harder then before. Started with Petter and Linea at 8.30 and then rode out to Åsane to meet Martin. Rolling to Indre Arna and meeting Roger and the peloton for the day was complete, we thought. Riding next to the sea towards Trengereid there was 4 cyclists coming up to us and we sat on their wheels. Talked about riding the same round so we made company. Nice and easy up Gullbotn and faster down as we just going straight towards Kvamskogen. 2 of the other riders got some problem and stopped, we continued with good pace. Down and up, passing a tunnel and then we took a smaller road outside a tunnel. For everyone not driving a car or riding a motorbike, A steady climb on a really small shitty road but with good people like this:

Smileyn in the sun and looking at a huge waterfall on the side, here’s the top:

And as you can see the snow was lower than us 😉

After the top the pace got up a bit again. Linea and one BCKguy saw a sharp hole in the asphalt and missed it, I saw the warning to late and jumped over it. Roger didn’t and got a doublepuncture on his Zipp 808 with Continental GP4000SR. 3 GP4000SR punctured for him in like 3 days, hard. Vittoria Pit Stop didn’t work as the holes were too big. He got lift back some time after and didn’t have to wait for the bus, a bit luck but sad. We continued down a long downhill with some tunnels and beautiful view. Me and another guy lost some meters and afterwards on the flat just before Norheimssund when we tried to get up to the others the thing that shouldn’t happen happened. A spoke on my front wheel broke in the head. On a flat road. 😦

Loosened the brake and rolled in on the gas station, not that happy. But taped the spoke and the ride could continue after some food.

So rode next to the famous Hardangerfjord on a nice road and watched up on the snowy mountains. Sick views in Norway:

And like this with me last:

Then I mostly sat at the back to save some energy, never riding for so long before and didn’t want to go empty before Bergen at least. Rode with a nice pace before one guy got to stop on a small climb, his rear derallieurwire was stuck in the STI, typically a Shimanoproblem with bad wires. So he had to ride the last 2? hours with only two gears. Strong. After what felt like a long long time we finally reached the boat in Fusa to got back to Osøyro and Bergen. Nice short rest first waiting for the boat so took a picture of my bike:

Nice with low profile and good tires today, actually was pretty fast. And a cheap tire under the saddle in case of puncture. Not often I have a spare with me but on such long rides it’s good to have. Easy 11-28 cassette and double bottle cages got the bike between 5,9 and 6kg. Pretty light and good quality (except the spoke then).

Reaching Osøyro we met Roger again, now with his trainingbike and helped us to Bergen with good pacing, him and Linea in the front all the way. Short after our new friends left us and we were 5 again. Reaching Bergen Roger rode home and we rode towards Bryggen. Linea and Petter came up with the idea to put in an intervall at the end, idiotic but as I like to ride fast I tried to hang on, 177 in heart rate, bloodtaste in my mouth and Linea rode away and then Martin attacked when I felt dead. Strange to say it but felt pretty good a while 😉 Fun too.

Ending the ride at the World Heritage Site Bryggen with a lovely ice cream.

Rolling home afterwards feeling really tired in my complete body but happy with a lovely ride. 7h19min I got on my bike with a high average at 154. Somewhere around 2500-3000 in altitude and a little under 200km I think, more on that later maybe when Linea has charged here Garmin that died and Petter has put in a nice blogpost. Will link too it. Now I’m heading for my sofa 😀


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