Glava Tour of Norway, Final stage in pictures

A lot of pictures from today. Starting with Alexander Wetterhall, Endura Racing signing in:

Some Eddy Merckxbikes without logos on their Campagnolo Bora wheels:

In the Shimano Neutral Service Car 1 getting photoed 😉

First race I watch live with a helicopter:

The breakaway almost up a climb. Around 2min30sec gap:

The lap (was 5 laps around Hønefoss in the end) after last on the highest point:

3 laps to go and a lot of people at the finish:

On the nice climb second last time in breakaway:

Last time up the climb with a small gap:

The peloton is coming fast and we are the last car leave the breakaway:

Bye bye:

Team Sky is riding hard all day for Edvald Boasson Hagen:

But I got his winner jersey before he got it 😀 Can call it the VIPplace or backstage 😉

The winner, Russell Downing for Endura Racing:

Tour winner, point race winner and best young rider Edvald Boasson Hagen getting interviewed:

The boss of Shimano Norway, Terje Bøe enjoying standing next to a Ridley Helium with Campagnolo Record groupset 😀

Edvald Boasson Hagen gets the yellow winners jersey after me 😉 A a really nice yellow plate:

Best picture I got of him, surrounded by a lot of people all the time.

Great racing except it just was one swedish who got a price, sports director for Team Sky as they was the best team. And fun to be backstage like this 😀

So for once: Big THANKS to Shimano Road and Shimano Nordic who let me win a facebook ”competition”. 😀

And a PS. The Shimano bikes for neutral service are Ridleys.



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