for the little colder rides

One of the best thing with riding a road bike is the class compared to other diciplines. Of course there are ”rules” and guidelines what you do and don’t but not as much as on a road bike I think. Like a thing as shoe covers. Mtbikers can use them but you don’t have to to follow the style rules. But on road it’s stylish. And perfect when it’s a little bit colder than summer, say like 10° C you can have an old sock or a new version of knitted shoe covers. Just to get some more isolation and to look good. Like these I ordered a couple of weeks ago and got today:

Mavic Knit Shoe Covers, made in Italy. Worn down a pair at Raumerittet last year and have missed them since then. Thought of a pair of white to but weren’t in stock. Can recommend a pair for a spring or autumn ride without rain.


One thought on “for the little colder rides


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