Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 release

Now, antihyped compared to the new Sram Red Shimano has had a press release for their new 11-speed Dura-Ace groups. One mechanical and one electronic. As you’ve seen if you woloowed my blog. Instead of writing everything again I link to the three big pages about it. First Velonews, then the more interesting page Fairwheelbikes and ending with the german page Fairwheelbikes had some numbers for the 9070 Di2 group with weights:

Shifters, 237 grams

Rear derailleur: 217 grams

Front derailleur: 114 grams

Brakes: 297 grams

Cassette: 166 grams

Chain: 243 grams

Crank and bb: 683 grams

The nice things about the group is that the shifter is more like the 7970 Di2 shifters in shape, new wires and the C75wheels looks really good. Interesting with the new wires too. And then I found some boring parts. Time trialshifters like before, not learned by Campagnolo how it should work:

Not straight all the time. Next thing is the cassette where Sram learned and Campagnolo did their own way. Sram took the lockring away on their 11-speed to get more space and remade the body. Campagnolo has everything slimmer. But Shimano has the same width on their cogs (as 9-speed) but changing the spacing between so even slimmer outer plates. Like butter after shaving the outer plates first for 10-speed and now even more. The cassette is 2,85mm wider anyway so won’t work on normal wheels. But seems to work on Mavic wheels and new Shimano. Well done Mavic!

And then just a small thing. New QR, looks really big so they have to learn by Campagnolo how to make nice ones 😉

If you don’t care about Shimano or new products I can tell that I’ve been out training this morning too. With a slow body but still training. Out to Eidsvåg and then up Munkebotn from north 3 times. First time with 39-25 in the beginning and then 39-22 instead. Second time with 39-22 all the time and last time with 39-19, maybe had some power anyway. Easy climbing with my FFWDwheels:

Picture from the top and info about the ride here: Trainingpeaks.



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