2 countries, 2 fails and 2 dreams

Norway saying no to Elisabeth Sveum for the Olympics. They got the place, the other contender Lene Byberg is sick but they are not sending Sveum anyway. Why no one except those who decides know.

Second, Sweden. Swedish Olympic Committee has said the Emil Lindgren is to bad. Ranked number 17 in the world, is in really good shape and Sweden has the place but not sending him. 😦 If you understand Swedish, read about it on Emils website.

Both with good results, both with a slot available but no one can go. Same dream.

Ending with my dream (a small one of them all). If I should be honest I am really jealous on John at work that got his Cannondale SuperX Rival today:

A great speced bike for good price. Will try to order one for me tomorrow I think, can’t wait any longer 😉


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