Dislike bad gravel roads

No training yesterday as I couldn’t get my bike down to Jönköping to ride with my club. And had other plans this evening that now was canceled so had a ride alone. Thought of going Mullsjö-Mulseryd-Angerdshestra-Taberg and back to Mullsjö. But the road from Mulseryd to Angerdshestra was really bad gravel road so no no for my tires. Instead I turned around and rode back. Views like this today and pretty flat:

Good weather, good roads except the last km to Mulseryd so an average speed of over 32km/h 🙂 for 1h 51min. Look at it here: TrainingPeaks Mullsjö

So now some small fine tuning on the bike and I will ride a beautiful ride tomorrow with some good friends. 😀


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