240 in the sun

All my body is now like a joke, so tired after riding today. But what a ride. 240km with swedish summer weather, good friends and on nice roads. Started at 7.31 this morning and it was around 16 degrees Celsius, around 24 when I came back home. Meeting Fredrik, Henrik and Patrik 14km from here and then we rode north to the biggest mountain in Västergötland, Kinnekulle. Not really a mountain but when everything is flat it looks like one 😉

Good pace but maybe a bit to fast as we had an average at 32km/h the first 130km, thanks too the pro Henrik and Fredrik that did most of the pacing. Henrik as guide we got onto some really nice small roads and sometimes a nice gravel road too:

And with some good views:

A bit funny that everyone used Assos bibs, two with La Lepre Stance jerseys and two Rapha Classic jerseys 🙂

Passing the famous Hornborgasjön:

But after passing Götene, almost in Hällekis I got tired. My stomach was empty a bit before but my legs really hurt and my knees just wanted to point outwards. 32km/h wasn’t good so slowed down to around 26km/h before the only real climb of the day. Upp Högkullen on Kinnekulle. Not so high but just straight and when you are that tired every climb is hard. I looked like this:

Great view over Swedens biggest lake Vänern too in the background. Up on the top lunch waited, good lunch 🙂

And a view where you could see really far, no mountains or things in the way 😉

Then down again and a little different way home. With everyone feeling a bit slower except Henrik just riding along, that’s a real fit guy:

So a bit slower home but a bit better wind and got some nice breaks too. Like this:

Good but hard life 🙂 Home again after 7h52min of riding with some nice brown skin and a smile on my face. 🙂 Thanks guys for the great ride today. And the longes ride ever for me 😀 Look at the map and some more info here: TrainingPeaks Mullsjö-Kinnekulle And thanks Fredrik for some pictures.

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