old lovely roads

Should start raining at 13 today so me and the two fast Henriks did a nice training in the morning. Starting at 9. Pretty good weather and today I was far from having the lightest bike. The new proHenke has the parts I think and blog about and doesn’t dare to use or have the money for.

proHenke to the left and old proHenke isn’t that fast anymore, ironHenke instead 😉 Anyway after passing this nice road and riding around 4km more proHenke punctured. Not always good with Tufo 160g tubular tires, had to call for a pick up and we where just two left. A little slower pace and rode some really nice roads where I used to train. Old memories, mostly good. Henrik in good shape as usual and I’m trying to hold on.

Attacked on one hill but was just enough to sit on Henriks wheel, hmm. So not the fastest but really enjoying riding on nice roads with good weather and most important, good friends. So almost 3h and almost 90km made it as usual over 30km/h in average speed. Good life and good views:

If you want to see map, graph and such things: TrainingPeaks Jönköping


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