New shoes, Sidi eurostyle

Got them last week but haven’t showed them here and have just used them once. My Mavic Zxellium is starting to get old the 3rd season and I wanted an extra pair of shoes, maybe a little warmer than the really well ventilated Zxellium. So when a friend asked me about his Sidi Ergo 3 Carbon Vernice I had to try 🙂 Fitted my feets well so got a pair of new cleats from Öster Cykel and now I have 2 pair of road shoes 🙂

Best thing with them is the heel cap, really tight. Next pair of shoes on the list now, wintershoes. Should I buy Mavic or Sidi and should I buy for road or mtbcleats? Have a pair of Specialized Defroster but not good at all.



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