ProTour Borås

Long time since I rode with so much cyclists. Here are some before the start:

Some faster than others but everyone together. Easy riding mostly except some sprints. And waited for everyone afterwards.

Except I didn’t know the course it was fun. Nice to try put huge power on the pedals and get som speed. Good intervals. And nice wheels to sit on when not sprinting:

Good riding before in one sprint on an old big road. Speed at around 40 and going higher when two people crashes and some others go down too. Two or three went down hard and had to go to hospital afterwards, the others was just scratched. Sad but happens easy. Was in the middle and I was on the side, saw it and heard it a little. So last part we didn’t do any sprints. Was just 4 guys and me putting up a nice pace in a breakaway, nice and fun with good small roads 🙂

Good arranged, nice cyclists and almost perfect weather (got some drops in the end on us). Can recommend ProTour 🙂

Rode like this: TrainingPeaks ProTour



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