meeting with Allebike family

Wanted to ride a last time on my vacation today but didn’t  know where. So yesterday I asked a friend if he was home and as he said yes I planned the ride. To Alexander at Allebike in Alingsås. With 11km of gravel roads on the way there:

Not planned to ride on gravel but was a good rode so why not 🙂 Then after 68km I was at Allebike but was closed. A couple of phonecalls and I rolled back to Alexander parents house and met the hole family. A lot of bikes and nice people. 🙂 Ended with some lemonade, a couple of sandwiches and the best: Strawberrys and cream in the sun 🙂

Good life. Before I was heading home so to say, went pretty good through Alingsås but turning into the road to Hindås my body was a bit tired. Not so easy to train 3 days in a row but nice view:

Riding next to lakes is nice, not just with trees on both sides in the middle of nowhere as it is here otherwise. After an hour or so I had to stop in Bollebygd to get a ice cream and some energy. Took a bike photo too:

The advertisment says: Lower the pollution, use Evolution Diesel. But I think a bike is a bit better 🙂 Hard fight getting home afterwards but came home and pretty satisfied with the ride except my average speed got down to 29,9 in the end.

Map and graph here: TrainingPeaks Alingsås.



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