Specialized 2013 news

What do you think when I say: Upgraded Roubaix, disc brake road bike, Boonen LTD, Crux Carbon Disc and the first bike I’ve seen with Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 (9070) Di2. And Super Record EPS! Specialized has some nice news for next year. Starting with Roubaix with Di2:

Most cool thing is the odd but maybe extremely comfortable COBL seatpost:

Is on every Roubaix and Ruby. Roubaix  S-Works:

And then a bigger news. Roubaix disc that maybe not is coming in Europe (another roadbike with discs instead maybe):

And then of course a normal cyclocross Crux, now in carbon for Ztybar to win a new world title with:

Will be available with discs or cantis in a lot of options it seems. Here is a disc version:

And in the end the best. Specialized Venge EPS, and a Boonen Signature edition only available in 200 ex. The picture we got is showing the lovely Venge with EPS. Love companys selling bikes with Campagnolo too and not just Shimano and Sram.


3 thoughts on “Specialized 2013 news

  1. riktigt fint utbud som S kommer med!
    Men frågan är väl hur kommer Boonen edition se ut och kommer det vara en ”vanlig S-work” eller är det en TAG Maclaren version?

  2. Nice med segrarna i S-Works logon men lite rörigt med det röda och gula även om det återspeglar den Belgiska tricoloren.
    Gillar den silvriga campa versionen det är bara det gigantiska batteriet som förstör.


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