back in business

After being in a car on vacation and then have a boring cold I’m back on my bike. And what a bike. Met up with Petter, Linea, Lina, Jørgen and John at Fløybanen with all the tourists first and then headed towards Os. Rode up to Bontveit and down to Hausdalen too, really steep downhill with a hard beginning. Looked like this when Petter took a photo:

And earlier on the way up passing a horse:

Petter who took these photos:

John did some attacks as usual and Linea some too that no one could follow. Prostyle. Back out for Hausdalen:

Good riding down to Os and coffeestop. Always feels good but then it turns around. First a climb in Os were we took it easy and then some small ups and downs that can take a lot of energy if you don’t ride easy like today. Good 🙂 And then it happened that shouldn’t happen. A cattle-grid that was a bit higher than normal got hit by my front wheel. The handlebar turned a bit down and later when I stopped to fix it I saw a small crack in the rim. The tire with 7,5-8 bar just transfered the hit to the rim. But just a small crack so was okey riding with it but didn’t feel so good. Not so much to do about it.

Up Fanafjellet Jørgen attacked, fast guy with Campa. Linea went too but couldn’t manage to overtake Jørgen. I tried to set a good pace and got third. 39-25 isn’t the best for Fanafjellet but today it felt great. My legs felt pretty good, or as good as it can when you’re riding a too long too steep climb 😉 4-500m from the end with a heartrate at steady 190 I saw Lina coming closer but she didn’t reach me, good for me as it’s always hard when you fight with all you got and someone passes. John and Petter used their compact cranks and took it easy up. Then down and heading home. Easy riding but good living, and a ”stupid” sprint up a small climb at Lagunen, was really steep but ended so had to turn back down.

3h34min enjoying. Bike felt really good and strangely my Red derailleur and Recon alu cassette worked pretty well today. Think Shimano teflon coated wires and Yumeya/Gore-Ride on housing is better than KCNCwires and Powercordz Prime housing. Map, graph and such things here: TrainingPeaks Back-in-business

And after coming home I got really impressed. Peter Sagan is the man. Not just a ”boring” sprinter, his a real cyclist:

Got second today after a very good Luis Leon Sanchez



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