Deda Alanera RHM or Cinelli Ram 2 or …

Thought I decided but then I rode with my Newton Shallow handlebar on my CX. There is some special feeling with classic handlebars that can’t be described. It’s not all perfect but like Campagnolo you just love it. It doesn’t have to be the best, just have to fit. Like with clothes, not so many people just use the best suited clothes for weather and body but because you like it, it has class and you want to look and feel in a special way.

This thoughts have got me rethinking. Thought a nice Deda Alanera with a fashion little shorter bend with long bottom. As on this bike:

RHM is the newest from Deda and stands for Rapid Hand Movement. A short bar with 78mm reach and 128mm drop.

But then you also have the classic integrated handlebar. Cinelli Ram 2, have been on the market forever and is like Hutchinson Python once was for mtb but with no newer thing like Continental Race King.

Cinelli Ram 2 with VRC bend is like a mute with Dedas Shallow and Belgian handlebars. It got the straight low (138mm drop) bottom like a Belgian bar, but it also got the short reach (76mm) like a Shallow bar.

Deda is the new bar and has a pretty good price, Cinelli has a named bar with a bit higher price (50-70€ difference) (or like $1000 from R&A cycles, sick price) Or is there a better bar on the market for me?

Musts are: Short reach, integrated wires so I don’t have to tap the top

Plus is: integrated, italian, light

Minus: Never ergonomic bend, never a cheapish Taiwan no name handlebar

What is your favorite handlebar bend?


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