After work ride

Started a bit (5min) earlier today and went 5min earlier to get out in time. Met a friend outside work, Lina, and we steered our Cannondale towards the sun and Askøy. Seemed pretty dark over Bergen but sunny on Askøy. Perfect to ride after work and just think about other things than forks, spiders and which bikes that are left for the day. And so much better to ride a bike than sitting inside looking at some frenchmen stealing a jersey.

So a nice ride in the evening on some gorgeous small roads that this time was much sunnier and drier than last time (was raining).

Map and Graph here: TrainingPeaks Askøy

And when I came home my mum called and said she bought a frame for me. Kind mum I got. Should look like this:

9 days until I get it and you can see real pictures, know the real weight and see some nice smileys. 🙂



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