Rainy ride and new roads

9° C outside, wet ground and the rain is hanging in the air. Got some rain on us and as I’m a bit of a sun cyclist I rode with fender:

And I know it’s not all correct with a higher front wheel than rear but works pretty well as I’m waiting for my new front rim on my low profile wheels. Will try to get the green too white too, or original red, we’ll see. The bike is performing really well on road, will be fun to ride it off road then too. 😀

Ulriken that was looking the other way was a bit foggy:


After this Lina came and we decided to take a lap around Ulriken instead of a little longer ride as the weather wasn’t the best. Good choice. And before Arna we took of the big and rode on a small old road. The last part has been really bad but now with new pavement. Lovely and got happy to see that they can fix old roads too here in Norway 😉 And the last part before Sandviken there have been a roadwork all spring/summer and really crappy path for cyclists/pedestrians but now new pavement there too. And heard from Lina they got new pavement around Gullfjellet before OS too. I’m impressed after my vacation and not riding this usual places. 🙂

So 2h pretty soft ride in some rain in the book today. Almost 7h this week and not ended yet, good life. Map & Graph here if you’re interested: TrainingPeaks Ulriken

Also started to rethink about handlebar. Should I really go with a integrated Cinelli Ram 2 with VRC bend or should I go for a normal bar and stem. Anyone have suggestions on normal shallow/compact/classic/great handlebars with internal cable routing so you don’t have to tape the top?



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