almost 3h, 1097m climbing

Stupid or not, went out of bed at 6.15 this morning starting work 11 or 10. 7.20 I was on my bike out riding and meeting David that should do a 5h ride before work. You hear how stupid it sound but so nice. Rode to Åsane and then over Rødland before I found a new road. Down to Indre Arna was a small pretty steep and nice road. Never ridden it before, will be riding it again I think. Rode over Rødland because we were supposed to ride around passing Ytre Arna on the way back when I met David. After I took a small road with new pavement, pretty nice:


Went a bit further than planned as David was a bit late. Then he came:

And then his trainer /our boss had said that he should do the intervals (one climb and one flat) in the end so changed plans and not going the flat way back. Rode the same way back up that nice climb. He stopped before the climb and then passed me before we was at the top. Fast guy.

Then hard on the flat for David and I was trying to hold the wheel. Worked on the flat but on a small hill he dropped me. Having 187 in heart rate standing was a bit hard. But nice training. Easy riding back to Bergen and work then. Results was this good sore feeling in my legs and felt at least a bit serious 😉 Maybe some riding before work tomorrow too, but not so long.

Map and Graph for today: TrainingPeaks serious


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