Never the same

Riding with different people, starting from different places, different days and times on a day makes a ride never the same. Met Tamás at work today and rode a lap around Ulriken. Been riding there many times but it’s never the same. Today we rode over Munkebotn instead of around Eidsvåg. Then a little unusual way in Åsane for me. After Åsane out around the lake at Bjørndalen. Then Midtun and over to Paradis before I said good bye. Tried to gas up Birkelundsbakken but it’s hard to know how hard you can go after almost two hours when you haven’t ridden the climb for a while. But when my computer showed a heart rate over 180 I was satisfied. Heading down and sprinting at a stoplight, like trying to kill myself. More gass and passed Haukeland and then Stadsporten at 48km/h. 🙂

Started easy, ended hard. Good ride and mostly good weather. Got some drops of water on us just, otherwise sun. Map & Graph here: TrainingPeaks Ulriken

And to end with a picture I can show you how my new brakes for my Scalpel is going to be:


Thought of getting a pair of Sram XX World Cup brakes as they are light and fitting perfect with Xloc and XX triggers. But then I changed my mind as I don’t think they are the best and like the italian Formula brakes. Found an add with a guy selling a pair of new R1 Racing and I will get them. Coming next monday. 🙂 Anyone have a pair of MixMaster fitting with them for sale? Also ordered a Sram XX rear derailleur so seems like the Scalpel will be finished next week. If I can get my hands on a pair of MixMasters in time. 😀



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