3 glued wheels

Started the day changing rim on my FFWDwheel. Now it’s a high end Planet X wheel:


So 20mm Planet X tubular rim, 19 DT Aerolitespokes and 1 Sapim CX-Ray with DT 190 hub. The lightest wheel I’ve built. Then a 252g Challenge Criterium Seta Extra tire glued on that. Good stuff. And better matching wheels on the SuperX now:


Normally gluing tires 3 is a good number of wheels to glue. If they are at same level of gluing. Not like today. On the Planet Xrim the rim was unglued and the tire had glue on. On my Carbomania both rims and tires had glue on but for CX. And as some maybe thinks how long time gluing takes you don’t have to wait a day for a layer of glue to dry. Steps for me today:

1. one layer of glue on the Planet X rim

2. one layer on my old Challenge Grifo 32 CXtires (been glued two layer last time I used them but didn’t look that good now)

3. one layer of new glue on the Planet X rim

4. one layer of new glue on my Carbomaniarims

5. mounting the earlier glued Challenge Criterium Seta Extra tire on the Planet X rim

6. Mounting Challenge Grifo 32 on Carbomaniarims in the order I glued them

1st layer on Planet X rim and the layer on the CXtires can dry for how long you want, no problem if it stays a day. But don’t have to wait more than around 15min.

2nd layer on a rim for road tire is for sticking it together with the tire. (1 on rim+1 on tire+a new layer on rim to stick them together) Wait for like 10min so it’s almost dried before you mount the tire, so much easier

2nd layer on Carbomania to stick the CXtires with too, was good with glue before. On CX and mtb I think: 2 layers on rim, 2 on tire then one more on rim to stick together. 2 more layer than a road tire as you want to build a bit higher and get the tire to stick better as you don’t use so high pressure.

In pressure for tubular me that is around 62kg use around 7bar on road, 7,5bar for good smooth tires like Challenges Seta Extra or FMB. Use around 1,7 on CX for 32mm and on mtb 1,6bar for XC and 1,7-1,8 for marathon races no mather if I use Tufo or A. Dugast.

Did someone like this explenation, should I write more or just skip it?


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