Faster and Faster

Riding around Ulriken with Tamas on monday I had an average speed of 26km/h. Riding with David on tuesday I had 28km/h. Today with Roger, Tom, John, Tamas, Lina and Arne I got 30,9km/h.

Nice gathering some good cyclists outside work today for a ride. The others decided around Ulriken and accepted. Good weather so short-short today and nice tempo in the beginning. Then John started attacking as usual, and Arne on a downhill. Then it started, speed got up as both Tom and Roger is strong fast riders and Tamas is good to ride smart.

But fun with some fast riding too even when it was a bit to fast for me at some times, but for the others too so okey 🙂 Riding hard, normal, hard again it’s pretty easy to get tired. Arne who haven’t ridden his bike in 6 weeks had a hard time, specially at the end. Up a climb Roger attacked and I tried to follow. Almost got up to him but with 188 in heart rate I couldn’t manage it. And then on the top were he rode on it started raining. Tried to ride fast down and maybe catch Roger but no chance so stopped at a bus stop to put my phone in a plastic bag. Passed by Tom, John and Lina so had to try catch them. Caught up with Lina but Tom and John was to fast before Midtun. Stop at Midtun for a chat before we headed home in two different directions. John first and then he attacked when me an Lina rode and chatted so we never saw him again on the ride.

Passed work where one guy still worked so got my bag before heading home, perfect. And really nice ride in total and good training to ride fast too 🙂 Results of the rain:


And my nice bike that had me work hard today. Impressed riding so fast with so low profile wheels:


Map and Graph here: TrainingPeaks Ulriken fast

Now time for food and then start building a nice Scalpel. Got some parts from work today so a nice post with pictures soon. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Faster and Faster

  1. BTW hur skiljer sig geometrin på din Super X och en Super six, det är högre markfrigång har jag hört, men jag tänker sittställning vid längre landsvägspass?

    • Styret är ju en bit högre och lite mer kompakt. En skum sak med de är att de mäter storleken på olika platser, på SuperXen är storleken till toppen av toppröret, på alla andra Cannondales är det till toppen av sadelröret. Så min SuperX som är 52×54 är egentligen 56 hög. Men lite andra vinklar och så som gör den passande för mig som skulle haft en SuperSIX i storlek 52.

      Trivs bra på min vid långpass med, alltid fint att kunna skylla på att man har cx istället för racer om man inte hänger på hela tiden med 😀


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