Yes, 7,02kg is the weight of my cyclocross as I showed it yesterday. 20g to much easy counted. The good thing is that it is easy saved weight, just change to some other chainrings I have, like 38/50 or why not a single 42 or something. If I’m cheating with road pedals I’m also under 7kg but not so good for cyclocross. Was supposed to train a bit on it today but sore throat stopped me, rode just to and from work. And got a pair of brakes for my Scalpel on the way home. 😀 Will come pictures, weights and such things tomorrow morning if my throat isn’t good. But missing an adapter rear and some shorter bolts, try to fix it tomorrow. Ending with a picture showing some parts I have laying around put together:


Question for you: How much higher rims will be perfect? 20mm seems to low with the big down tube and seat mast. Will cut the seat mast around 4cm later too, nice weight to save.


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