Bergen CX

Living in a city with 260000 inhabitants surrounded by 7 mountains and working in city centre it’s not perfect for Cyclocross. But today I found the perfect spot, not just townroads, not hard long climbs but small hills, grass, gravel, a little pavement if you want and stairs. Even benches if you’re getting tired ;):


Look at that, and it’s even bigger in real. The fun didn’t end there. Riding in grass, on gravel with high carbon fibre wheels is something different than having low cool pair of Crono F20rims. Challenge Grifo 32mm with around 2bar today, would go lower but some riding on road home too. Map & graph here: TrainingPeaks CXrecon Look at lap 3 that is getting a bit longer and came up with some more ideas but haven’t ridden them all in one lap. Anyone wants to join and train CX with me on real (saturday at 16.30?)?

Looked like this today that shows how well the yellow on my bike matches 😉


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