EP chainrings

Got them at the same time as the Scalpel but haven’t had time to mount them before and din’t want to ride CX with them. But today.


Sorry for the chainringbolts, heavy crap but they fit. Using to much Cannondale chainrings with threaded small ring or special things to have normal low profile bolts at home. But:

38t/50t chainrings for 130mm bcd from Experimental Prototype=60g, 5 chainringbolts (male+female) 23g=83g

39/50t that I had before with Cannondale 39, Specialites TA 50t with 5 male bolt=117g

34g saved and lighter gearing. But as usual no liftpins or things to lift the chain on the big ring so with a bit to short chain it will be interesting tomorrow.

Complete crank, Cannondale Hollowgram SL with 172,5mm arms including bottom bracket is 556g now, light for a alucrank 😉

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