Training and Fontana

First I was out riding some on the road. Today with Birgitte, Roger and Tom. Pretty easy ride but nice one:


115km in 4h19min, map & graph here: TrainingPeaks.

Coming home, chilling a bit and than looking at one of the most interesting XCraces this year. Schurter, Kulhavy and Fontana in front at the Olympics giving us a good show. Sad that Absalon didn’t do so well.


Schurter and Kulhavy was the strongest but Fontana was impressing a lot today. But tried to much on last lap and then dropping his seatpost/seat wasn’t so nice. Kulhavy managed to take the last little climb and managed to hold Schurter behind him. Hard finish but same for all.

1. Jaroslav Kulhavy

2. Nino Schurter

3. Marco Aurelio Fontana

4. Jose Antonio Hermida Ramos

5. Burry Stander

6. Manuel Fumic


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