First ride with the Scalpel

8,38kg did the scale at work show for my bike. Satisfied 🙂 Fixed a little with damperpressure at work today but will get some more air in it tomorrow. Then out riding. Really strange changing from a 6,2kg CX to a 8,38kg Full suspension mtb, felt strange and comfy on the way up Fløyen. Around 1,8bar in the tires.

Rode some singletracks on the mountain but not so much as I felt pretty empty after work. Got a nice photo with Bergen in the background far down:


Then some more singletrack that ended bad so turned around and headed down. Seems like my Innoliterotors tend to scream when the get hot. Worked perfect first but when descending and braking from 50 to 10 they started to scream again, see how they are tomorrow with more flat riding. Up and Down graph: TrainingPeaks Fløyen

More about how the bike is tomorrow 😉


One thought on “First ride with the Scalpel


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