Tune Komm-Vor

A lot of Tune at the moment but hard to not blog about when you’re getting new nice parts. Today I finally got my CXsaddle and seatpost. Tune Komm-Vor saddle in beautiful yellow:


And a Starkes Stück seatpost, 27,2×340 instead of a fragile too light carbon fibre from Omniracer:


Results in a pretty nice collection. One Tune Komm-Vor in white, one in Yellow and one Komm-Vor+ in white:


Only thing that could be better is if the Tune text on the Komm-Vor+ would be in white too. Mounted the new saddle on my CX. Nice matching with my hoods:


And started the Ridley Helium build with mounting it’s saddle, the Tune Komm-Vor+ (wheels just to get it straight):


Will cut the seatmast 4,5cm and fork 8,5-9cm. Good weightsaving.



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