Rett Vest

Today it was time for racing. Up early and got lift to the race with a new friend. A small race with 85-90 riders and not so serious on the start. Master start first and in the first climb (asphalt) the elite guys and some other left us. Was in the end of the grupetto but hanged on, hardest on downhills. Then turned right of the big road and onto a singletrack. Or a climb that everyone had to walk up. Big rocks, steep and just impossible to ride, walked for like 22min so long climb. Think it was great view backwards but didn’t have so much time to look at it. Was one guy got some meters and then we were 4 people walking together. 1 Flash 29er Ultimate first, followed by a Flash 29er 1 2011, me on the Scalpel and then a Flash 29er 1 2012 behind me.

On the top the two guys in front of me disappeared. I was enjoying the technical track, fast but with a lot of rocks sticking up and some waterholes to pass. Could follow the guy that had been behind me on the steep downhill but when it got a bit flat he dissappeared too, Should have a 29er 😉

Rode alone for a while. After around 40km the group I was riding with in the beginning caught up and I tried to join a while. But not to tired so had to drop them. Rode alone the rest and had the small group in front of me in sight in the beginning. Should have been more starters.

The finishline came faster than I hoped, 56km instead of 60km, happy about it. Pressed out the last power and crossed the finish line after 2h47min. 40min after the winner Stian Remme. Impressive time. Nice event, great views if you have time to watch them and more climbing than I hoped 😉 Bike after the race:

And then I had to ride home. Not that fast but got home 🙂 Hard ride today as you can see on my ex shoecovers:


Always nice riding with shoecovers and as I’m thinking of changing cyclingclub to next year I don’t need them.

Map & Graph of the race today, if you look at 33-56min you see the first walk: TrainingPeaks Rett Vest



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