Kessiakoff @ Vuelta, Lefty SuperMAX, training and Eurobike

First day of Eurobike I thought this blogpost would just be about that. But before even ending work I got congratulations from a friend. Swedish win on Vuelta Espana! Fredrik Kessiakoff won the time trial today with 17sec over Contador:



I thought that it was boring when he left mtb but racing like this his forgiven 😉 Last time a swede won a stage at the Vuelta was in 1982, 30 years ago.

Next news is from Eurobike. I have showed the new Trigger 29er before but here is some more info and pictures of the new SuperMAX fork that gives 130mm for 29er:



36mm leg and the axle a bit in the front to get more space inside. Really cool.

Continue with a pair of shoes. Saw them on sunday on the sportsfair but missed to take a photo of them and couldn’t try as the size was to big for me. But like Marco Aurelio Fontana had in 2010 we amateurs now also can have a pair of Mavic Zxellium Ultimate podium shoes:


But to have use for them you got to be fast (wannabe at least) and maybe have a really cool bike, like this A2J Rolo Limited Edition:


Or maybe in plain black and what they say is the worlds lightest frame at 640g:


4,7kg for the bike complete including a nice seatcombo from Berk Composites, THM Carbones Clavicula, Praxis chainrings and wheels from the french company RAR Roues Artisanales.

Also got some training today, a nice ride around Ulriken with Lina and crappy legs. Rainy like it should be here in the end. Map and Graph: TrainingPeaks.



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