Schmolke goes big (31,8)

Weightweeniehandlebars is almost always 25,4mm on mtb and 26mm on road. Schmolke has oversize mtbbar but not AX-Lightness. Now it seems to be the same on road as Schmolke is coming with an oversize road handlebar too:


Not just at the clamping, they are going oversize even in the bend. Which makes it necessary to use the special clamp for your Ergopower/STIlevers:

27,5mm diameter where you have your hands instead of more normal 24mm. Better for bigger hands they say. Weight is at the moment at 175g but productionready will be between 155g and 170g. Then you got the lighter TLOversion, between 135 and 150g but can also be built lighter for light riders.

At the same time it’s shown a new seatpost, New Ultimate style with 10mm setback:

Not as cool as AX-Lightness Daedalus but a bit lighter with 87g for 27,2x250mm


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