The mountain of Bjørndalen

Been thinking of a climb last weeks that I heard about, just passed it but not today. Rode around Ulriken the shortest way so over Rødland with a couple of climbs, pretty small compared to next. When coming down between Arna and Bergen there is a road you can go around a small lake that we take sometimes. Took it but not just. When are as far away from the lake there is a way more in and up to Bjørndalen, Bearvalley in english. Tried that one and got a nice climb in the rain, really nice and continued on the top so have to do with CXtires on the SuperX one day 🙂

As high as I got, 378m:


Got up under the clouds you see. Was like the ride me, Alle and Tobias did in Offenburg a couple of years ago. 5,65° on the top so no heat today and a lot of rain. Rode down and to Bergen and work. 2h12min in rain and 906 altitude meters ;). Map and Graph so you can see the climb: TrainingPeaks Bjørndalen Nice with some new climbs and see new roads like this, perfect thing to do on a cyclocross but should have a diamant thread tires for it.



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