Get an idol!

Life is so much more fun if you have something you want, some you want to be like, someone to like. Instead of just cruising around you should have some goals, someone to look up on, someone to cheer on, getting involved. Not just like on Facebook or stalk on Twitter.

I would like to ride as much as my friend Henrik, be happy and positive like Alexandra Engen, cheer on cyclists like Jahn Ekman and getting involved like Lars Hartwich with class like Stefan Rohner.

Saying like last year, will get closer next year 😉 Until that I will blog about how fast Alexandra Engen is on here always extremely well looking Ghosts


Will be happy about everything good Jahn Ekman does for swedish cycling. Teach me and learn to be as good as I can be on repairing and mounting bikes and I will enjoy every moment on my bike thinking of rule #9. And of course try to share as much nice things here as possible. Hoping for many good and interesting comments and not just anonymous visitors. Thanks for reading and giving life to my blog.



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