Training and upgraded Brake Force One

Took my SuperX and went for a ride after work today. Started with pretty okey weather but after around 10min the rain came again. Rode out to Hordnesskogen were we rode on Rett Vest, walking paths in a forest so perfect for fast CXriding. But alone and in rain It wasn’t that fun, rode a little, took a nice photo with big view 🙂


Then continued, got wrong way so down a steep path with a lot of loose gravel, used by horses it seemed so not that good grip anywhere 😉 Then I rode home again. Will probably ride out there in better weather some day and check all the paths. Map and Graph of the short after work ride: TrainingPeaks Hordnes

And then some news. Brake Force One got upgrades like different colours on caliper, lever, fluid and hosing, got a bit lighter and some other small parts.


Hopefully works better too. Just know one who used them and one of his levers broke and seemed to be the worst customer service I heard of. But if you want to know more, see more and see how this closed system works, not like other brakes. Then take a look here: Bikerumor


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