World Championships in Saalfelden

Elite classes today, that made Switzerland get 3 gold medals. Andrea Waldis in Women junior, Jolanda Neff in Women U23 and today Nino Schurter in Men Elite:

Men Elite:

1. Nino Schurter – Switzerland

2. Lukas Flückiger – Switzerland

3. Mathias Flückiger – Switzerland

4. Julien Absalon – France

5. Fabian Giger – Switzerland

6. Marco Aurelio Fontana – Italy

7. Manuel Fumic – Germany

21. Emil Lindgren – Sweden

4 swissies in top 5, sick country. Thomas Frischknecht have worked well for that and made the worlds harder than the Olympics 😉 Have a dream that Sweden will be the same after some years thanks to Emil Lindgren that is a really good ambassador for mtb, like to teach, always with a trick in his pocket and a smile. But before the men raced the women raced, just one swiss in top 5 ;). But good wins today:

1. Julie Bresset – France

2. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå – Norway

3. Georgia Gould – USA

4. Esther Süss – Switzerland

5. Irina Kalentieva – Russian Federation

11. Alexandra Engen – Sweden

32. Elisabeth Sveum – Norway

What happened to Catharine Pendrel? Dropped after the olympics? Haven’t seen the races yet but will on Red Bull TV. If you want to see all results they are here: WC Saalfelden And some extra info, the best groupset of the year, Sram XX1. 1 Olympic gold, 1 silver, 1 World Cup 2012 and 1 World Championships if you are a man, if you are a women it seems like Shimano XTR is better suiting as Julie Bresset won Olympics and World Championships with it and Catharine Pendrel the World Cup. 😉 Just some extra info.



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