AC Biturbo mtb wheels

Like a Maserati but from Germany and for your bike. Not the lightest, far from cheap but cool and not so usual like a wheelset with Tune hubs and ZTRrims. Bike Ahead Composites got a all carbon fibre wheelset, a modern light Spinergy:


Carbon fibre wheel with Acros hubinternal. 1169g for 26″ tubular, 1269g for 29″ tubular. 1269 and 1369g for clinchers, saving 100g by getting tubulars 🙂

How it looks on a bike:


The sad thing about them is the price. Compare them with Lightweight for road that isn’t the lightest but very expensive. AC26 and AC29 is around 2700-2800€ depending on wheelset and version.



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