Bundesliga Bad Salzdetfurth

Some never getting tired of being on top. In mens mtbracing we have Nino Schurter, womens Julie Bresset. But if we look a little under there is up and coming cyclists. Alexandra Engen got 6th at the olympics, 11th at world XCO and then the winning started. Won the Worlds Eliminator race, second last Bundesliga Eliminator yesterday with her teammate Katrin Leumann winning:

So after celebrating yesterday Alexandra topped it today. Won the last Bundsliga XCO and also won the complete Cup, that’s how it should be done :D. Race until the season ends.

1. Alexandra Engen – Ghost Factory Racing Team

2. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå – Merida Multivan Biking Team

3. Irina Kalentieva – Topeak-Ergon

4. Lisi Osl – Ghost Factory Racing Team

Men is racing now with Fabian Giger in the lead.


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