Tune U20 for mtb

The lightest Quick releases in the world is coming for MTB! Have used a pair for road on my roadbike and cyclocross this year. The have don’t have any springs and on the lighter end you get with them they have to be in a special way on the left side. To sit correct in the drop-out (impossible to fail with). Except that they are as good as normal QR and no special tools needed like on Tune Skyline


Carbon/Titanium/aluminium axle and Carbon/aluminium ends and handle makes them so light. If you want to lighten your bike to the minimum you got to have them. Weight for a pair with the light ends is just 22g, it’s lighter than the special Tune Skyline and every other competitor on the market. So order a pair for next year, if you are in Norway contact me and we maybe can fix a good price.



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