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Haven’t been so good blogging about the training now, had other things to write about and not the most interesting trainings made. Last friday an easy hour with a friend. Was supposed to ride a 4h on saturday but really bad weather made me play Playstation instead. On monday me and two friends thought of riding some CX after work. A lot of rain so I thought about skipping it but good friends that seems to like water made me ride with them. What a training then. First a lap and some coursechecking before John and Petter came. Then a lap to show Petter and to change a bit on the course, a little longer now. And then 5 laps at full gas.

John made as always and rode away faster then everybody else, then Petter and last me as my GPS didn’t do as I think but as I pressed the buttons. When I got a new lap started I started too. Really hard course and slippery in the rain. Was chasing Petter and caught him on second lap I think and passed him on the idiotic climb. No way to reach John but did my best to get some good training and I think I succeeded. 18min with an average at 170. A lot of training needed to be fast but I will do my best. Afterwards we ”rolled” around a small lake for a couple of laps that I missed the start of as the GPS was paused. Hard legs on tuesday but good feeling. Need to ride more hard.

Today I took my Scalpel to work to try a 650b wheel after. Too tight with a Racing Ralph 2,25″ without some grinding on the bridge. But with a 48 or 50mm tubular tire it will work and I got a plan for next year 😀 Then I got John with me on some training. My on Scalpel and he on his SuperX (got a similar to me but more original). Up Fløyen (heavy on CX) and then around some. Ending with maybe the nicest singletrack I’ve ridden in Bergen before going down again. Impressive by John to ride it with CX.

Map&Graph for today: TrainingPeaks Fløyen

And if someone is interested in a light 26″ tubular wheelset for Lefty front wheel including tires, send me a message and you will get a good deal. Tune Kong rear hub, Tune Cannonball front hub, DT Revolution spokes, FRM XMD309 Tubular rims, 1 Tufo XC2 Plus tire, 2 Tufo XC2


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