sunny cycling with Tamás on some ice

Stunning weather this weekend. Three days with blu sky and sun in a row. So 4-5h today stood in my mind, max 4h ”flat” in Tamás head 😉 Met him at Midtun. Took the flat way passing Fana towards Os, that direction because we wanted some sun and not just shadow. Out to Fana there was a place it was under 4° celsius and turning left after Fana church I slided a bit with my rear wheel as it was frozen road. Cold. But in the sun it was gorgeous. Rode to Os and then after talking to Tamás we headed around Gullfjellet instead of just back over Fanafjellet. Nice easy pace and stunning views like this:


Second rainiest city in Europe so have to enjoy this good moments. Up Gullfjellet it was sunny and pretty warm, was thinking of if I had got to much clothes on me but after going down on the other side and back in the shadow I remembered why 😉 Nice riding to the sun and a short stop in Arna for Tamás to fill up some water and energy and me eating a banana.

Then back to Bergen again and I felt pretty good just eating a banana and drank half a bottle the first 3h. Then after saying thanks to Tamás and passing a slowly moving truck getting down back to Fjøsangerveien and the cycling path in to the city my energylevel dropped. Got it up some with a gel and survived home 😀 Living happily ever after hopefully. 4h38min today and 1783 altitude meters, nice ride. If you want to see more of it Map & Graph here: TrainingPeaks Gullfjellet

And the nice new thing for the day. New autumn and spring gloves, or on Assos language, Early Winter gloves, really nice:



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