515g crank, 6,9kg cx, 38t prototype or just a sick SuperX

Sold my mtbwheels and gave the handlebar I borrowed back to the owner, no more mtb this year. So why have a light, stiff and great looking crankset laying and collecting dust when you can use it on the bike you use. Changed my 36t chainring from Experimental Prototype for a 130mm BCD spider and a 38t chainring from Experimental Prototype. Shouldn’t use heavier parts than needed. 461g except the 54g bearings and rings in the frame:


As I don’t have chainguide for my bike I used the front derailleur but took the wire of. Haven’t taken the parts out from the lever yet, maybe I will do it later, maybe not. Happy about the result and weight at under 6,9kg with not that light high profile wheels:


Training tomorrow, will be nice, and good to be back on a single chainring again. Would had been nice to use a XX1 chainring and don’t need a chainguide, would it work on a CX with Red rear derailleur?


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